Mar 14 2012

Bioshock 2 Review 18+ Game

by Mohd in Games

I know its an old game (2 year old) but it worth playing especially if you are more into deep moral adult stories which are not common these days.

The game take place in 1967 in an underwater city called Rapture where a mad scientist had the idea of creating the perfect environment for humanity but it all fires back when it turns to a living hell. Just a simple warning this game is so dark & will force you to make some tough things due to some weird decisions you would have to take during you journey to save your daughter. Cute little girls are scattered all around Rapture & in order to get to you kidnapped daughter you would have to meet all of those young twisted kids & watch them as the harvest some elements from corpses yes corpses. The image of a young girl digging in a dead body might not be pleasant but I said from the beginning it’s a dark story, later you have a choice to save the little girl from her misery or just………kill her. All of you actions will reflect on you game play & the story ending & you won’t even resist the young girls innocence. The story have alot of twists & turns so don’t expect it to be simple you will discover things that might change the way you act further in the game.


During game play I’m sure you are gonna be sucked to this dark world & although it’s dark but the graphics & details are more than awesome. In some moments in the game you will definitely feel it touches your soul especially with those little girls no matter if you kill or save them it will touch you soul one way or another.


Some of the negatives I’ve faced is some times I felt that combat were slow but that is due to the fact that you are in 1960 so don’t expect you weapons to be fast or a high tech one remember the era you are in but I kept going on because of the story not because of the great combat.

The ending will depend on your game play & how you made choice during the game so don’t expect that you will have the same ending as other gamers might have but the ending no matter how you play your story is awesoooooooooome.


I would highly recommend that you watch this video to know what I talked about, great song also so better to put your headphones.


6 Responses to Bioshock 2 Review 18+ Game

  1. Jasoom March 14, 2012 at 10:51 am

    unfortunately parents just buy games for their kids without knowing its rating.

    • Mohd March 17, 2012 at 4:23 am

      this is a never ending problem that people should be aware to & even shops should only sell according to age reference

  2. Mesh3al March 14, 2012 at 10:52 pm

    Im going to get i believe in ur taste in games

  3. Manayer March 15, 2012 at 9:03 am

    Not much of a gamer but i would consider it for the story i like this kind of games but how could u kill that little girl thats cruel 🙁

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