Oct 17 2012

Blackberry 10 Something To Look Forward To

by Mohd in Technology


Its been along time since RIM released any new updates on Blackberry 10 and my bbm list is almost empty, people are migrating to Android & iPhones and ditching their Blackberry. RIM have been working so hard on their newest software and most importantly trying to lure developers, im so optimistic about Blackberry 10 although loyal blackberry users are getting less and less but from a tech point of view RIM have nothing to loose right now and they have been learning from iOS & Android mistakes whether they can pull it off or not thats a different story but im sure that RIM is gonna be more successful than Windows 8.

Mobile market have reach a point prior to maturity and still there is alot of room for  improvements. Ive been following Blackberry 10 news and updates for along time and i believe they are going the right way but they lack the support from developer, its not a secret that the success of any new operating system or mobile OS is the amount of apps developed from it. Check the video down below to feed your  curiosity about Blackberry 10.

For those who remember webOS must notice the resemblance between Blackberry 10 and webOS which got killed thanks to hp. Its too early now to review or speculate on the future of RIM but needless to say that Blackberry 10 is something that will join the competition of Android, iOS & Windows. I’ll leave you with the latest leaked photo of Blackberry 10 device.


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  2. Aether October 19, 2012 at 5:31 am

    Omg!!!! It worked. Thank God. Now I can leave you guys comments 😀

    Now, I’m still a BB user and I’ll always be. Gotta love how Droid and Apple fans are saying BB is gonna disappear compleyely coz the ‘mother company’ is bankrupt.

    I love it I just hope they’ll work hard on making it much less buggy.

    • Mohd October 24, 2012 at 10:56 am

      im glad that the comment section is working for u 🙂

      mark my words as soon as RIM releases its BB10 its gonna be the new HABBA coz they r gonna be already bored with their iPhones & Samsung

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