May 14 2013

BBM Will Be Available On Android & iOS

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Announced a few hours ago in Blackberry Live that the famous BBM Messenger is gonna be across platform app which means that iPhone & Android users gonna be able to simply download BBM from their App Store.

It’s a bold move from Blackberry to gain more users back on BBM but My initial thought that they are slowly killing themselves coz other than security Blackberry had this unique feature which now can be available on iOS & Android.

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May 12 2013

Save #Kuwait On Instagram

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Yesterday out of boredom I searched #kuwait on Instagram and I hope I never did. All the pics were mostly out of Google, Cheap Ads, Food or texagram ( a stupid app for sharing Notes on Instagram ). Instagram gained a huge number of Kuwaitis since it launched and I won’t be exaggerating if I assume that more people are using it than Twitter nowadays. Twitter became a feed for sharing Instagram pics, with the huge amount of instagrams out there I thought that by searching #kuwait I would have been indulged by some awesome local pics but to my disappointment now I know anyone abroad searching for some images that represent Kuwait he will have a hard time finding a decent one.

Everywhere in Kuwait there is someone either posing for an Instagram pic or holding his mobile in a weird position trying hard to get the perfect short, not to mention all of those teens walking around in malls holding their DSLRs. All of the pervious observation and I would expect finding some decent pics when searching about Kuwait.

Of course I know no one would care about saving our country’s hash tag on Instagram by posting good pics, am I the only one who noticed this !!!

Would you even care about saving #kuwait???

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Mar 14 2013

Whatsapp Now On BB10 (Z10)

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Great news for all Blackberry 10 users, just a few minutes ago whatsapp just got released on Blackberry World (app store) so start downloading it.

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Dec 18 2012


by Abdul-Aziz in apps, Photography

After abusing the poor Instagram servers for years now, a vast number of users decided to Delete their accounts following The new changes in privacy policy & terms of usage. in order to make some cash, Instagram team decided to sell our info’s “Don’t worry it will be sold to advertising companies only” to continue this FREE service they are providing.

Some allegations says that 90% of the photos were originally stolen from Google & the Duplications in posts were reaching 20 ish % thats why Instagram needed to expand their assets in order to accomodate all this trash that was uploaded daily.

You have to confess “users” that you are the “BAD” guys here, go check your account & see how many selly & meaningless photos you got!! & if you don’t, be 100% sure that most people did overload the servers.

I really would like to end this post with a BOMBSHELL, a fellow new blogger literally JUMPED from a 1,000 to 190,000 followers in 3 weeks a very short period of time !!! what could it be? Did she buy followers ? , Did she got some really powerful support from a telecommunication company who featured her jumping in their corridors? “thats not a joke”, or it’s maybe just the turban she’s wearing? No one will ever know.

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Aug 11 2012

Instagraming from LONDON

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While in London during last winter, i decoumented my trip with pictures that i uploaded to my account in instagram. Most of my instagram followers are probably familiar with those pictures, except some of those ghost followers i am having just like everybody else hehehe.

if you are reading this & not following me already, follow me @Az_Q8blend


For more pictures check @Az_Q8blend in instagram

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Mar 22 2012


by Mohd in apps

Now you may find us on your precious Android device
Thanks to our fellow blogger MadeinQ8the developer of the first app in the Android market that gathers some of your favorite Arabic & English Blogs.

I did install it on my Android to review it for you but unfortunately I couldn’t get screen shots from my mobile in order to share with you but take my word for it. The app is responsive & fast she did an awesome job making it.

To download it click HERE

What are you waiting for click the link above 🙂

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Nov 22 2011

Backup & Charge your iPhone with iomega SuperHero

by Abdul-Aziz in apps, Technology

Backup & Charge your iPhone with iomega SuperHero

Your family, friends & business contacts and your photos are all stored on your iPhone. What happens if it get lost? or stolen ? and you haven’t sync to itunes from a long time. Iomega SuperHero Backup and Charger will help you secure your data (day by day), and charge your phone, while you relax! Once you insert your phone into the docking station, the Iomega SuperHero automatically backups your contacts and camera roll photos while recharging your ever-draining battery!

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