May 12 2013

Save #Kuwait On Instagram

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3009340 poster instagram 619x403 Save #Kuwait On Instagram

Yesterday out of boredom I searched #kuwait on Instagram and I hope I never did. All the pics were mostly out of Google, Cheap Ads, Food or texagram ( a stupid app for sharing Notes on Instagram ). Instagram gained a huge number of Kuwaitis since it launched and I won’t be exaggerating if I assume that more people are using it than Twitter nowadays. Twitter became a feed for sharing Instagram pics, with the huge amount of instagrams out there I thought that by searching #kuwait I would have been indulged by some awesome local pics but to my disappointment now I know anyone abroad searching for some images that represent Kuwait he will have a hard time finding a decent one.

Instagram Kuwait 619x436 Save #Kuwait On Instagram

Instagram kuwait 619x408 Save #Kuwait On Instagram

Everywhere in Kuwait there is someone either posing for an Instagram pic or holding his mobile in a weird position trying hard to get the perfect short, not to mention all of those teens walking around in malls holding their DSLRs. All of the pervious observation and I would expect finding some decent pics when searching about Kuwait.

Instagram kuwait 619x430 Save #Kuwait On Instagram

Instagram kuwait 2013 619x426 Save #Kuwait On Instagram

Of course I know no one would care about saving our country’s hash tag on Instagram by posting good pics, am I the only one who noticed this !!!

Would you even care about saving #kuwait???

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May 06 2012

Skin Art Design

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IMG 0815 620x413 Skin Art Design

Last week i got an invitation from Emad & Meshary the 2 talented kuwaiti designers i discovered and wrote about before ( check my previous posts Here & Here )   and as usual they never failed to amaze me with their designs. Too bad the booth was didnt show all their work coz mainly it was presented on a video and some sort of a slide show.

They showed me some of the projects they worked on and how they did overcome some challenging obstacles, i wont say how much i liked their work but ill leave you to decide for yourself click Here to check some of their previous art work & you may visit their official web site Here.

IMG 0807 620x413 Skin Art Design

IMG 0812 620x413 Skin Art Design

IMG 0817 620x413 Skin Art Design

IMG 0825 620x413 Skin Art Design

IMG 0837 620x413 Skin Art Design

I took a tour through the exhibition and snapped some pics of various stuff that caught my eyesIMG 0839 620x413 Skin Art Design

IMG 0844 620x413 Skin Art Design

IMG 0845 620x413 Skin Art Design

IMG 0847 620x413 Skin Art Design

IMG 0850 620x413 Skin Art Design

IMG 0853 620x413 Skin Art Design


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Mar 19 2012

The Fabergé Big Egg Hunt

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Egg Hunt 1 620x463 The Fabergé Big Egg Hunt

While we were getting around in London, we noticed many artistic eggs distributed all over many places.. at first we thought it’s just a preparation for Easter, then we realized the metal plate below each egg which explained everything..

The story is that there are 209 eggs hidden across 12 Egg Zones across central London.. and in the competition’s website they have the maps of those 12 zones where you can use them to hunt and find all the 209 eggs..

photo 620x463 The Fabergé Big Egg Hunt

 The first, second and third eggs we found them in Covent Garden

Egg Hunt 2 620x463 The Fabergé Big Egg Hunt

Egg Hunt 3 620x463 The Fabergé Big Egg Hunt

 This one was in Selfridges

Egg Hunt 4 620x463 The Fabergé Big Egg Hunt

These are in St. James’s ParkEgg Hunt 5 620x463 The Fabergé Big Egg Hunt

Egg Hunt 6 620x463 The Fabergé Big Egg Hunt

Egg Hunt 7 620x463 The Fabergé Big Egg Hunt

 This one is in Carnaby Street

Egg Hunt 8 620x441 The Fabergé Big Egg Hunt

 And this was also in Covent Garden

Egg Hunt 9 620x463 The Fabergé Big Egg Hunt

Whoever enters the competition might win The Diamond Jubilee Egg valued at over £100,000 by simply texting the keyword when they find an egg!

Egg Hunt Prize1 The Fabergé Big Egg HuntSo what do you think.. should we participate? icon wink The Fabergé Big Egg Hunt

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Mar 17 2012

Not Mawaheb

by Mohd in Art, Events

IMG 0685 620x413 Not Mawaheb

IMG 0678 620x413 Not Mawaheb

Last Thursday we got invited to attend Mawaheb’s exhibition in the Avenues. Just a quick recap if you dont know what im talking about, ”Mawaheb” was created and organized by SACGC to provide a platform for more than 15 of the top Kuwaiti photographers, artists and musicians an opportunity to showcase their talent directly to the community through unique, signature performances, displays, and presentations.

There is nothing more awesome than meeting talented Kuwaitis who will help in building our lovely Kuwait. Usually i dont like attending events on the weekend coz  its the only time for me to relax, unbind & hangout with friends but this event was different i couldnt miss out meeting those Talents & maybe just help with this simple post to spread the word & motivate them. Before i start talking about them i would like emphasize it really delighted my heart meeting all of them & no word can describe how much those youngsters are talented so without further due lets start.

IMG 0681 620x413 Not Mawaheb

Albdulrahman Alostath a talented photographer who participated in many competitions & won some just look at his photos & surly it will amaze you.

IMG 0682 620x413 Not Mawaheb

IMG 0683 620x413 Not Mawaheb

IMG 0701 620x413 Not Mawaheb

Another photographer is Latifa AlMadwah who actually stunned me with her photos & most of them have not been touched by photoshop, pure & raw pics but amazing.

IMG 0698 620x413 Not Mawaheb

IMG 0712 620x413 Not Mawaheb

IMG 0714 620x413 Not Mawaheb

I’ll call him the Mask maker, a talented artisted & painter who took an unusual path in showing his artistic side. Painting on masks & bringing each one into life i would just say Awesooooooooooooome icon smile Not Mawaheb

IMG 0715 620x413 Not Mawaheb

IMG 0716 620x413 Not Mawaheb

IMG 0721 620x413 Not Mawaheb

IMG 0724 620x413 Not Mawaheb

Dont let her fool you with her smile & young age Luwla AlKattaf is a extra…(wait for it )…ordinary  photographer icon smile Not Mawaheb (quoting someone :p ). Started only when she was 14 with a digital camera & after that walk her way to professional ones. She is only 18 now (AL3mor kelah inshallah) but her work is way beyond her age i predict a really bright future for her now you just see her showing her talent but soon her work will be international.

IMG 0722 466x700 Not Mawaheb

IMG 0726 620x413 Not Mawaheb

IMG 0728 466x700 Not Mawaheb

IMG 0730 620x413 Not Mawaheb

IMG 0734 620x413 Not Mawaheb

The guy is amazing playing music like a real pro & that really shows how the special needs can do more than normal ones.

IMG 0739 620x413 Not Mawaheb

Unfortunately i forgot his name but his work is unforgettable, engraving his art on wood WoW only a real artist have the courage to do such thing coz a simple wrong move can ruin everything but (Mashallah 3leh) he knows what he is doing & he is doing it right.

IMG 0741 620x413 Not Mawaheb

IMG 0743 620x413 Not Mawaheb

Of course Mubarak Ismaeel from HiKuwait i just have to take a pic for him in each post :p

IMG 0749 620x413 Not Mawaheb

IMG 0773 620x413 Not Mawaheb

This guy is simply amazing his comic work is out of this world really each time i meet a talented comic artist i remember the 99 comic which was a disappointment (click HERE to read my previous post about them) . This kind of talent should be enouraged & supported more to show the world what we can achieve in the entertainment & cartooning.IMG 0750 620x413 Not Mawaheb

IMG 0751 620x413 Not Mawaheb

IMG 0691 620x413 Not Mawaheb

I can not categorize her work in one field i can only say she is a multi-talent designer. She paints, designs graphics & short animated clips. No matter how hard i can describe her work you would have to see it for your own eyes to see her awesomeness, the way she designs her work is beyond amazing i would have loved to show you her short animation clip or her paintings but she will need a separate post just to show her great work.

IMG 0754 466x700 Not Mawaheb

IMG 0755 620x413 Not Mawaheb

IMG 0758 620x413 Not Mawaheb

IMG 0760 620x413 Not Mawaheb

Basma AlSaeed the young talented princess in the event, she paints & makes small figures. She is blind but she makes eye candy for us to enjoy, her disability didnt stop her showing us that there is always light even in the darkest places. I have to say it & in capital AWWWESOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOME icon smile Not Mawaheb

IMG 0764 620x413 Not Mawaheb

IMG 0765 620x413 Not Mawaheb

IMG 0766 620x413 Not Mawaheb

IMG 0767 466x700 Not Mawaheb

They are not just Mawaheb they are way beyond that & Mawaheb (Talents) is a really small name that doesn do them justice & this is why i titled my post that way coz i couldnt find a word to describe their great work you gotta visit them to believe it.

Finally Q8 Blend would like to wish all of those who participated in Mawaheb the best of luck & we hope that we see them achieve their dreams & ambition.

Special Thanks to BenSirri for the invitation & their organisation.


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Jan 25 2012

if Ms.Siri could Talk!

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if Ms.Siri could Talk!

nicoordozgoiti00 if Ms.Siri could Talk!

Obsessed with your iPhone (or smartphone)? Join the club. Madrid-based art director Nico Ordozgoiti created this hilarious iPhone wallpaper set, called Truth Hurts, that tells us what our iPhones “Ms.Siri” would say if she could talk and had to tell the truth. It’s depressing but funny.

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Jan 02 2012

Typographic Skeleton

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Typographic Skeleton

Skeltetontypography Typographic Skeleton

Designer Aaron Kuehn has just finished up his latest typographic piece entitled Skeleton Typogram. The skeletal system is composed of nearly every bone spelled out, each representing their specific part. A total of 676 letters were used in creating this poster. You can order a limited addition screen print of it through Kuehn’s website (Link)

 Typographic Skeleton


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Nov 14 2011

Natalie Irish, the Painting Lips Artist

by Abdul-Aziz in Art

Natalie Irish, the Painting Lips Artist

 Natalie Irish, the Painting Lips Artist

Ever imagined someone painting with his lips !! Natalie Irish  do, at first when i saw a video of her making a paining i thought she’s kissing the painting being in love with it icon razz Natalie Irish, the Painting Lips Artist

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