Dec 30 2012

Best Of 2012

by Mohd in Bla Bla Bla, Blog

Best of 2012

We are approaching the end of 2012 and I wanted to do a post about the best of 2012 but after thinking of all the good gadgets & products that were revealed this year I couldn’t fit all the things in one post, so i came into the conclusion of making a series of posts highlighting the best of each category or at least what i think may interest you. The list is gonna be based mainly of my personal opinion & experience not copied from Mashable or Engadget or even LifeHacker.

All in all at the end of this year I would just like to thank all of our readers for the support and wish that 2013 brings you more success, prosperity & happiness

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Apr 08 2012

Media Boss

by Q8 Blend Family in Ads, Blog

New blog / website dedicated to to deliver marketing knowledge to the comfort of your palms. Of course the master mind behind The Media Boss is Khalid Al-Zanki you might know him as the crusher 🙂 from Crush It event last year. Give him a click HERE or HERE or HERE 🙂


THE MEDIA BOSS’s mission is to educate, empower, entertain and inspire people by spreading knowledge of marketing and technology.


Khalid Al-Zanki founded THE MEDIA BOSS in 2012. His passion for sharing how marketing and technology were transforming businesses, companies, human interactions, influencing behavior and reshaping cultures motivated him to create what would become THE MEDIA BOSS.

THE MEDIA BOSS is a division of ALZANKI ENTERPRISES, which is located in Kuwait City.

Statement on Ethics

THE MEDIA BOSS blog is committed to covering marketing campaigns and launches in all companies and individuals fairly and without bias. Our editorial team are prohibited from writing about companies and/or individuals where they have personal relationships or financial interests. As part of the ethical guidelines, contributors do not accept gifts & freebies. Coverage is not influenced by advertisers; and advertising and supported content are clearly identified as such.

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Apr 02 2012

Techno-Sarah New Tech Blog

by Q8 Blend Family in Blog, Internet, Technology

A new blog have joined the blogosphere
interested mainly in Technology as the name states 🙂 . Sarah is a technology & photography lover her posts are really good especially if you like reviewing devices & the latest updates in the tech world in arabic. Its great to find more female tech bloggers coz the tech category have always been dominated by males. We woud like to wish her best of luck come on guys check her out & give her a click HERE



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Mar 27 2012

instagram with US

by Abdul-Aziz in Blog, Photography

Just wanted to let you know that the blog contributors are instagraming since some time now “almost a year” & built a large number of unique pictures library, check us out on:



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Feb 09 2012

#ThankYou @LadyB_Q8

by Abdul-Aziz in Blog, Competition, friends

#ThankYou @LadyB_Q8

Our dear fellow Blogger LadyB had made a first year blogversary giveaway & guess what i WON “i hv wa96a at by the way 😛

it’s a cool (ذ) T-shirt, a yummy strawberry chocolates from the Confectioners & cute flowers

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Nov 13 2011

Q8 Blend new feature the “Junkie Junk” page

by Abdul-Aziz in Blog, Fun

Q8 Blend new feature the “Junkie Junk” page

Dear Readers … we would like to draw your attention to our blog latest additions. Basically, we call it the happy page “we promise; no rant no t7l6m” it will be full with positive energy & honest laughs, full of pictures with phrases .It’s a user friendly page, you can reach it by clicking either the “Junkie Junk”  hyperlink on the top or you can check it’s latest featured posts on the sidebar bot

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Sep 14 2011

Barmait “The Chef”

by Abdul-Aziz in Blog, Food

Barmait “The Chef”

Our friend Abdullah from Barmait blog has started his own cooking show “Barmait Kitchen” which you can watch throw his youtube channel. Abdullah was inspired to start this vlog after all the cooking he done while studying abroad. Well done & keep up the good job buddy.

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