Nov 26 2012

Mada Gaming Connection

Two weeks ago Mada held up a gaming event for bloggers to try out their newest gaming connection. How were gonna test it you may ask and the answer is simply by competing online in Call Of Duty MW3 & Need For Speed The RUN.

Of course the connection speed may vary according to your residential area but in general it should deliver the best gaming connection with the lowest latency & ping possible, till now I’m not sure of the exact ping but I’m gonna update the post when Mada sends it to me.

My buddy Aziz is a COD addict which is not a big news for anyone who knows Aziz & usually during the weekend we play with the guys in dewaneya & I enjoy pissing him off when comparing score even if he is higher than me :p so its no surprise that he was competing in COD & I choose The RUN but during the event we had a chance to compete in both.

During my COD i didn’t experience any lag but in my Need For Speed I got disconnected twice & I got back online within seconds. In general the connection was great & the idea behind hosting a gaming competition for bloggers to test it out was so awesome especially coz Bensirri were the event organizers. Check our scores down below 🙂

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Nov 20 2012

Taiba’s Hospital Instagram Competition

by Mohd in Ads, Competition

Taiba hospital is hosting a competition to promote healthy habits 4 staying fit. Check the the images below to participate and maybe win an iPad mini, iPad Touch or iPod Nano. Best of luck  all 😉


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Oct 01 2012

Fly Baby Fly !

by Abdul-Aziz in Ads, Competition, Events, Photography

MINI, Ali Al-ghanim & sons is having a competition on their facbook page. Red Bull Flugtag 2012 is just around the corner, they are asking for creative pics submissions which should include a MINI + a Red Bull can “submissions would be really interesting i think” . Ok prizes are VIP tickets to the Flugtag event & a really cool slick MINI travel bag “i know so, coz i got one” 😛

Hurry up submission deadline is on the 6th of October.

find more details on the link below

(Click me)

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Mar 22 2012

BEST Kuwait’s 1st 3D Gaming Competition

by Abdul-Aziz in Ads, Competition, Games


This is a shout out to all the COD-MW3 hardcore players in town. BEST Kuwait is holding a weekly series of PS3 gaming competitions in 3D, The winners will walk away with a 3D & LCD TV’s. You can get more information & register by visiting their Facebook page [Here]


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Mar 19 2012

The Fabergé Big Egg Hunt

by MiMi in Art, Competition, Travel

While we were getting around in London, we noticed many artistic eggs distributed all over many places.. at first we thought it’s just a preparation for Easter, then we realized the metal plate below each egg which explained everything..

The story is that there are 209 eggs hidden across 12 Egg Zones across central London.. and in the competition’s website they have the maps of those 12 zones where you can use them to hunt and find all the 209 eggs..

 The first, second and third eggs we found them in Covent Garden

 This one was in Selfridges

These are in St. James’s Park

 This one is in Carnaby Street

 And this was also in Covent Garden

Whoever enters the competition might win The Diamond Jubilee Egg valued at over £100,000 by simply texting the keyword when they find an egg!

So what do you think.. should we participate? 😉

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Mar 11 2012

BEST Gamers Championship

BEST Gamers Championship

BEST Al-Yousifi is calling all MW3 gamers

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Feb 09 2012

#ThankYou @LadyB_Q8

by Abdul-Aziz in Blog, Competition, friends

#ThankYou @LadyB_Q8

Our dear fellow Blogger LadyB had made a first year blogversary giveaway & guess what i WON “i hv wa96a at by the way 😛

it’s a cool (ذ) T-shirt, a yummy strawberry chocolates from the Confectioners & cute flowers

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