May 10 2012

“Fearless Encounters” Documentary Primer screening

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“they were in Darkness, darker than the darkest night”

We were invited by Mr.Talal Shwaish & the KNCC to attend the documentary “Fearless Encounters” premiere. i my self got the chance to meet some of those brave heros casting the documentary and i could easily spot the time lapse lines on their faces. Now after 21 years the inside untold story of the Fearless Encounters is finally revealed … their eyelashes were burnt & their bodies were totally covered with crude oil.

“War is Scary, but the aftermath is horrifying”  

FEARLESS ENCOUNTERS, A new documentary film ,Honoring the Kuwaiti Oil Firefighting team. The film was never edited or released until 2011. Shot 20 years ago by the Kuwaiti filmmaker, Talal Showaish-Salem , who spent 6 weeks with the team ,in the horrific inferno . Telling the inside untold story of the Kuwaiti oil firefighter’s heroic Fearless Encounters . when the Iraqi dictator, Saddam Hussein was forced out of Kuwait by the world Coalition forces in February 1991, out of spite and hatred he ordered his defeated retreating army to Blow up all of Kuwait’s Oil wells. More than 650 Oil wells ,where on fire for 8 months, burning on average 6 million Barrels of Oil P/Day. In total, more than 1 Billion Barrels of Crude oil was burnt. The Kuwaiti firefighting team started 180 days after the main 4 world famous, American and Canadian oil firefighting teams. the Kuwaiti Team overwhelmed the world by their unmatched speed in killing the fiercest oil well fires, reaching temperatures of 2000C . Against all bets, the Kuwaitis, managed to Extinguish the biggest well in Kuwait BG160, which was burning 60,000 Barrels of oil per day. Their speed and relentless enthusiasm, they ignited the competitive spirit amongst all the other firefighting teams, which lead to extinguishing all the fires in 7 months only, compared to the initial world expert predictions of 5 years.


6 millions Barrels of oil were burning everyday, a quick calculation would show severe losses of millions after millions of Dinars daily, the Kuwaiti team maintained a working regime of a continuous 14 working hrs daily from sun rise to after sun set. Extinguishing & capping 41 wells in 53 days, the Kuwaiti team were considered the fastest amongst the other experienced overseas teams. everyday & every moment counts considering the enormous losses.

This figure shows the capping and extinguishing progress over time, as well as the decrease in flow of lost oil ( last well was extinguished by November 1991)


This reflects the contribution of  Kuwait Oil Company in Manpower investment serving the best they could for our beloved Kuwait in one of the biggest crisis that the region environment & our only income (Oil) could face. Or i would go further & say: one of the biggest that the human race could yet encounter.


The Documentary left us speechless for the 55 min show, what made the crowd more emotional is the presence of some of the team heros & there families in the movie theater. The film focused on their daily life during the crisis in all means, basically i would say that simplicity was the director scope.

“time have changed but souls didn’t”


The names which will (and should) be engraved on Kuwait soil, The members of the Kuwaiti oil firefighting Team:

  1. Ali Ghuloom
  2. Abdulqader Abdulrahman
  3. Ayad Al-Kandari
  4. Ali Asad
  5. Adnan Al-Sayed
  6. Abdullatif Al-Rabbah
  7. Abdulwahab Al-Sayed
  8. Abdullatif Hussain
  9. Ahmad Abdulrahim
  10. Ahmad Malik
  11. Abdulkarim Al-Sharifi
  12. Bader Jowhar
  13. Bader Al-khabbaz
  14. Essa Bo Yabes
  15. Eshaq Abu Alhassan
  16. Haidar Farman
  17. Humoud Al-harbi
  18. Jassim Al-Ghais
  19. Jassim Al-Khamis
  20. Mohmoud Al-Somali
  21. Reyadh Nouri
  22. Shebeeb Al-Ajmi
  23. Saud Al-Nashmi
  24. Sara Akbar
  25. Sami Al-Yaqoot
  26. Sulaiman Hassan
  27. Samir Mohamad
  28. Turki Al-Otaibi
  29. Yaqoub Al-Kandari
  30. Yousef Abdulrahman
  31. Yaqoub Abdullah

“Dear Kuwaiti oil firefighter’s team … Our fathers, uncles, brothers & son’s … at this moment at this spot all we could do is to expose you & your story to the world, hopefully it would make the influence that we need in us. Thank you for making our lives better, Thank you for giving all you got”

The sad part is that despite the painstaking efforts of those brave heroes and the director, the film did not receive the appropriate support & was produced 21 years later of the shooting.

Thank you Talal Shwaish & Thank you the KNCC for making this happen.

“Fearless Encounters” on all KNCC cinemas starting today May 10th. get your tickets.

“our history draw the headlines of our future”

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Apr 22 2012

“One Day On Earth” in KUWAIT!

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UNDP Kuwait and the Australian College Of Kuwait

are proud to present…

First film ever to include footage filmed in EVERY COUNTRY ON EARTH — ON THE SAME DAY

“One Day on Earth” to Screen in 160+ Countries Worldwide on Earth Day, April 22

Time: 6:30pm Sunday April 22, 2012
Place: ACK Auditorium
for more infos click (Here)

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Mar 24 2012

Let’s GIVE Earth an Hour of Rest

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(31 March) at 8:30 pm is the time to GIVE our mother earth an hour of rest

Today Next Saturday (31 March) at 8:30 pm is the time to GIVE our mother earth an hour of rest

In 2008, a group of engineering students at Kuwait University aspired to spread awareness  about the global warming phenomenon and to take action on climate change. They were inspired Earth Hour – an event that was held in Sydney, Australia the pervious year. Living in an oil-producing country is a great economic privilege; however, it raises important concerns about the amounts of carbon dioxide emissions. Therefore, the Kuwaiti Team for Global Warming was established to motivate people of Kuwait to embrace environmental change in order to balance the effects of oil production. The team’s main aim was to organize Earth Hour in Kuwait, hence motivating the people of Kuwait to engage in this global contribution of reducing carbon emissions.

The journey started in Kuwait University, where the first Earth Hour event took place and was organized in 2008 targeting university students mainly and staff members. The hard work and admirable efforts of the team members paid off when people participated in the event and showed great interests in cooperating in the following years. Moreover, the team’s successful attempts were recognized by Kuwait Voluntary Work Center, which adopted the team to work under their umbrella.
In 2009, the significance of reducing electricity consumption for only an hour was explained by team members to authorized individuals of the main landmarks of Kuwait like Kuwait Towers, Liberation Tower and The Scientific Center as well as over twenty-six malls, embassies, hotels, companies and professional associations. The team properly introduced the idea of Earth Hour to the public by organizing an eventful gathering in a public area overlying Kuwait Towers and by inviting people at home, through media and press, to switch off their non-essential lights and electrical devices from 8:30 to 9:30 pm. Several non-profit organizations and societies participated in the event to educate people about other environmental aspects and the importance of volunteer work. The participation of an important landmark of the country, Kuwait Towers, in the event had a great impact on the general public cementing the serious message that the team wanted to deliver. More importantly, as a result of the cooperation of many residents and organizations, the percentage of electricity consumption during that hour was reduced. Moreover, the number of participants increased each year showing their loyalty to the cause. The team’s work is not only exclusive to organizing Earth Hour, they also believe in the concept of reducing carbon emissions beyond the hour.
Additionally, the team contributes towards educating the youth about Global Warming phenomenon and climate change by giving lectures and seminars at schools and universities. Furthermore, the members of the team engage in various environmental exhibitions and conferences as well as beach clean-ups. The Kuwaiti Team for Global Warming has also inspired organizations to adopt the idea of Earth Hour and has supported its application in the State of Kuwait during Environmental Day, which takes place on February 27th 2012, naming it the Environmental Hour. The event is happening with the support of the United Nations Development Programme in Kuwait (UNDP Kuwait).

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Jul 30 2011

The Story of sOccket

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The Story of sOccket

I think this is an Awesome idea.. Probably useless.. But in the grand-scheme of’s very very forward thinking!

The story of sOccket is a project inspired by four girls from Harvard who created a soccer ball that captures energy from kicking, dribbling and throwing. Kids can play a game, then bring the ball home and charge a LED lamp, cell phone or battery.

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Apr 23 2011

Art From Trash

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Mar 29 2011

Be Merciful

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Be Merciful


Summer is here and its going to be equally harsh to the animals around us. Kindly do your tiny bit by keeping a bowl of fresh water out side your balcony or garden.

“Until one has loved an animal, part of their soul remains unawakened.”

Thanks Ali

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Jan 17 2011

WikiLeaks 101 – ويكيليكس

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WikiLeaks 101 – ويكيليكس

What is WikiLeaks ?

WikiLeaks is a non profit media organisation. Their goal is to bring important  news and information to the public. They provide an innovative, secure and  anonymous way for sources to leak information to their journalists (an  electronic drop box). One of their most important activities is to publish original  source materials alongside their news stories so readers can  see an evidence of the truth.

For example : i found a document dated on 1991 signed from the manager of an American company called “Conventional Munitions Systems” talking about a procedure of the EXPLOSIVES DISPOSAL OPERATIONS in KUWAIT.

ما هو ويكيليكس ؟

ويكيلياكس هي منظمة غير ربحية. هدفهم هو تقديم الأخبار والمعلومات الهامة للجمهور. وهي توفر طريقة مبتكرة وآمنة وغير معروفه المصادر لتسريب معلومات للعامة  .

واحد من أنشطتهاالأكثر أهمية هو أن نشر مواد و وثائق من المصدر الأصلي جنبا إلى جنب مع قصص أخبارهم لكي يتمكن القراء من الاطلاع على الأدلة لمعرفة الحقيقة

على سبيل المثال : لقد وجدت وثيقة مؤرخة في 1991 موقعة من مدير شركة أمريكية تسمى “نظم الذخائر التقليدية” تتكلم عن إجراء عمليات للتخلص من مخلفات الأسلحة و المتفجرات في الكويت

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