May 05 2012

B9matna Kuwaitya Expo: ٍRegister Online Now

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A new expo for local small businesses is up & scheduled to be on 26-28 July in Sheraton Hotel, Hurry up online registration is open until 27 May only

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Mar 24 2012

Let’s GIVE Earth an Hour of Rest

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(31 March) at 8:30 pm is the time to GIVE our mother earth an hour of rest

Today Next Saturday (31 March) at 8:30 pm is the time to GIVE our mother earth an hour of rest

In 2008, a group of engineering students at Kuwait University aspired to spread awareness  about the global warming phenomenon and to take action on climate change. They were inspired Earth Hour – an event that was held in Sydney, Australia the pervious year. Living in an oil-producing country is a great economic privilege; however, it raises important concerns about the amounts of carbon dioxide emissions. Therefore, the Kuwaiti Team for Global Warming was established to motivate people of Kuwait to embrace environmental change in order to balance the effects of oil production. The team’s main aim was to organize Earth Hour in Kuwait, hence motivating the people of Kuwait to engage in this global contribution of reducing carbon emissions.

The journey started in Kuwait University, where the first Earth Hour event took place and was organized in 2008 targeting university students mainly and staff members. The hard work and admirable efforts of the team members paid off when people participated in the event and showed great interests in cooperating in the following years. Moreover, the team’s successful attempts were recognized by Kuwait Voluntary Work Center, which adopted the team to work under their umbrella.
In 2009, the significance of reducing electricity consumption for only an hour was explained by team members to authorized individuals of the main landmarks of Kuwait like Kuwait Towers, Liberation Tower and The Scientific Center as well as over twenty-six malls, embassies, hotels, companies and professional associations. The team properly introduced the idea of Earth Hour to the public by organizing an eventful gathering in a public area overlying Kuwait Towers and by inviting people at home, through media and press, to switch off their non-essential lights and electrical devices from 8:30 to 9:30 pm. Several non-profit organizations and societies participated in the event to educate people about other environmental aspects and the importance of volunteer work. The participation of an important landmark of the country, Kuwait Towers, in the event had a great impact on the general public cementing the serious message that the team wanted to deliver. More importantly, as a result of the cooperation of many residents and organizations, the percentage of electricity consumption during that hour was reduced. Moreover, the number of participants increased each year showing their loyalty to the cause. The team’s work is not only exclusive to organizing Earth Hour, they also believe in the concept of reducing carbon emissions beyond the hour.
Additionally, the team contributes towards educating the youth about Global Warming phenomenon and climate change by giving lectures and seminars at schools and universities. Furthermore, the members of the team engage in various environmental exhibitions and conferences as well as beach clean-ups. The Kuwaiti Team for Global Warming has also inspired organizations to adopt the idea of Earth Hour and has supported its application in the State of Kuwait during Environmental Day, which takes place on February 27th 2012, naming it the Environmental Hour. The event is happening with the support of the United Nations Development Programme in Kuwait (UNDP Kuwait).

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Mar 17 2012

Not Mawaheb

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Last Thursday we got invited to attend Mawaheb’s exhibition in the Avenues. Just a quick recap if you dont know what im talking about, “Mawaheb” was created and organized by SACGC to provide a platform for more than 15 of the top Kuwaiti photographers, artists and musicians an opportunity to showcase their talent directly to the community through unique, signature performances, displays, and presentations.

There is nothing more awesome than meeting talented Kuwaitis who will help in building our lovely Kuwait. Usually i dont like attending events on the weekend coz  its the only time for me to relax, unbind & hangout with friends but this event was different i couldnt miss out meeting those Talents & maybe just help with this simple post to spread the word & motivate them. Before i start talking about them i would like emphasize it really delighted my heart meeting all of them & no word can describe how much those youngsters are talented so without further due lets start.

Albdulrahman Alostath a talented photographer who participated in many competitions & won some just look at his photos & surly it will amaze you.

Another photographer is Latifa AlMadwah who actually stunned me with her photos & most of them have not been touched by photoshop, pure & raw pics but amazing.

I’ll call him the Mask maker, a talented artisted & painter who took an unusual path in showing his artistic side. Painting on masks & bringing each one into life i would just say Awesooooooooooooome 🙂

Dont let her fool you with her smile & young age Luwla AlKattaf is a extra…(wait for it )…ordinary  photographer 🙂 (quoting someone :p ). Started only when she was 14 with a digital camera & after that walk her way to professional ones. She is only 18 now (AL3mor kelah inshallah) but her work is way beyond her age i predict a really bright future for her now you just see her showing her talent but soon her work will be international.

The guy is amazing playing music like a real pro & that really shows how the special needs can do more than normal ones.

Unfortunately i forgot his name but his work is unforgettable, engraving his art on wood WoW only a real artist have the courage to do such thing coz a simple wrong move can ruin everything but (Mashallah 3leh) he knows what he is doing & he is doing it right.

Of course Mubarak Ismaeel from HiKuwait i just have to take a pic for him in each post :p

This guy is simply amazing his comic work is out of this world really each time i meet a talented comic artist i remember the 99 comic which was a disappointment (click HERE to read my previous post about them) . This kind of talent should be enouraged & supported more to show the world what we can achieve in the entertainment & cartooning.

I can not categorize her work in one field i can only say she is a multi-talent designer. She paints, designs graphics & short animated clips. No matter how hard i can describe her work you would have to see it for your own eyes to see her awesomeness, the way she designs her work is beyond amazing i would have loved to show you her short animation clip or her paintings but she will need a separate post just to show her great work.

Basma AlSaeed the young talented princess in the event, she paints & makes small figures. She is blind but she makes eye candy for us to enjoy, her disability didnt stop her showing us that there is always light even in the darkest places. I have to say it & in capital AWWWESOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOME 🙂

They are not just Mawaheb they are way beyond that & Mawaheb (Talents) is a really small name that doesn do them justice & this is why i titled my post that way coz i couldnt find a word to describe their great work you gotta visit them to believe it.

Finally Q8 Blend would like to wish all of those who participated in Mawaheb the best of luck & we hope that we see them achieve their dreams & ambition.

Special Thanks to BenSirri for the invitation & their organisation.


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Mar 11 2012


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Last Tuesday we were invited to attend the Proud To Be Kuwiti exhibition (P2BK), first of all i would like to just say im really happy that the number of cup cakes boothes are much much less this year :p most of Kuwaiti participating this year are real project we can really say we are proud of such talents that exists in our lovely K-Town. Of course not all the project can be mentioned in one post or even 10 posts you would have to visit for your self, im gonna dedicate separate posts for some projects & business later.

I have to get this out of my system first although the cup cakes boothes are in a separate areas now but still some projects are really shocking & doesnt deserve to be in the exhibition, some are just showing International brands & claiming they can order it for you for the same price, hmmmmmmmm ok can some one explain where is the kuwaiti part in these things !!!!!!!!

one of those had Lebanese workers in it not even a single kuwaiti person was present in that booth i wont say which one but i will just say Babble bottles proudly made in USA  :p

whats the difference between them, Aramex & ASK (Sultan service) !!!!!

But those projects are just a few to be fair. Now lets start with the really good stuff made by kuwaiti hands 😉

Shaikha is a talented artist praticipating to show her paintings not aiming at any profit or business just wanna show her paintings and really they are awesome for someone her age, she is the young one of the left & her big sister is just there to support her.

Fa6oma’s Diary is a local comic stip that discusses the kuwaiti family daily life, really worth reading coz it will definitely lol u :p  

Ali Mubarak & Mubarak ismael (Hi Kuwait) with Dear& Deer owner 

Met those 2 kuwaiti talented artists & really was amazed with their comic work, they write, draw & animate their own comic series e7m e7m unlike other  *cough cough * Link . Those guys really deserve to be financed & supported, even their animated series is awesome really i wish them best of luck.

I never knew that we had a kite team here in K-Town plus they have a Guinness record WOW just look at those kite MASSIVE, awesome work guys 🙂

Nothing like miniature designs of old kuwait to start your heart beating as i walked into this booth i really felt that i was going back in time to old kuwait everything & ever detail was taken care of nothing got missed, didnt wanna go back to the present but i have too. Awesome work guys really made me speechless.

Ok now those guys if u met them in the exhibition you really wont forget them.Lens Studio consists of 2 talented photography artists you can see some of their work above & their pic below. The offer photography classes for a really cheap price their photos are amazing really out of this world i even got some free photography tips from them 🙂

Dishdasha Express tailoring service brought to you in the comfort of your home nice idea.

2 designers who can design your business logo or any simple thing you desire simple yet nice idea girls 🙂

I would love to end this post with these 2 old guys working on traditional things


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Mar 05 2012

Red Devils In Kuwait [UPDATED]

A great news for all the devils out there 🙂

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Feb 29 2012

Real Food Market @Covent Garden

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Real Food Market @Covent Garden

Thursday isn’t an ordinary day in Covent Garden.. it’s the day when even the largest appetites are satisfied with a mouth watering array of fresh food.. such as chickens, beefs, artisan cheeses, cupcakes, smoked fish, gourmet pies.. You name it 😉  We couldn’t resist not trying the well presented food in such atmosphere.. so I’ll take you to a small journey of what we tried 🙂

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Feb 22 2012

Starbucks Card

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Starbucks Card

One of my favorite coffee shops in the world StarBucks is releasing their new StarBucks card that allows you to access their free wifi service, yes its free finally you can enjoy your coffee while browsing the net for free 😉

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