Apr 28 2013

Samsung Galaxy S4 Prices In Kuwait

by Mohd in Info, Kuwait, Technology

Many have been asking me about the Galaxy S4’s price so here you go Galaxy fanboys check the prices down below. I must mention that the prices below are for the 3G model NOT the LTE plus no matter where you buy it from I would highly recommend getting Albabtain warranty cause I had a horrible experience with Wahran’s unprofessional workshop staff.

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Apr 18 2013

Movies This WeekEnd At Grand Cinemas

by Mohd in Kuwait, Movies

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Mar 28 2013

Grand Cinemas This WeekEnd

by Mohd in Ads, Kuwait, Movies


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Mar 21 2013

Cinescape This WeekEnd

20130321-030351 PM.jpg

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Mar 20 2013

How Many Idiots Can You Spot While Driving ???

by Mohd in Kuwait

How many traffic violators you may spot in 15 minutes ?

A couple of days ago I was stuck in traffic and as usual many idiots started using the Highway’s Safe lane to avoid wasting their precious time. It became an every day scene watching those freaks passing by the safe lane inorder to avoid traffic, those idiots are not more important than me and i can even bet you they dont have anything important to make them use the safe lane or their time in not more valuable than mine but I respect the road and others and it pisses me off just watching them stampede next to me.  So in a 15 minute traffic which is not that big a deal I started taking pics of them just to know how many idiots can pass by me so feed your eyes and watching how many dumba**es I found.

So what do you think & How many traffic violators you may spot in 15 minutes ???

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Mar 18 2013

B7aar A New Website In K-Town

by Mohd in Ads, Kuwait


B7aar is a new website specialized in marine sports and equipments. They also offer fishing & diving trips.

Its been along time since I went for a finishing trip with the guys so I might try B7aar soon, so incase you are searching for some sea adventure or wanna sell or buy marine equipment pay them a visit.

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Mar 11 2013

Iwish Reality Show Failure

Iwish simply the most annoying reality show you might ever come across in the arab world. I didnt get a chance to actually write about it cause each time i try to watch an episode it drives me mad, how shallow, untalented the participants are not to mention some of the judges.

We live in a community were the more you act like an expert even if you words doesnt make any sense the more follower you gain and if you throw an english sentence now and then in your conversation you are a sophisticated intelligent person even if you dont have the right accent. Im not denying that we have some talents here is kuwait but they are all over whelmed by the actors and shallow idiots around them.

Let me start by talking about 52 degrees a business that claims supporting youth and young talents while infact they are just feeding on their blood. Have you ever passed by 52 degrees?
I believe most of us have done that and ended up regretting it, just walking around their show room 90% of the products are way over rated, stolen designs or even freaken ugly and not even worth looking at not to mention the catastrophic price tags on them.

So here is how I think the idea of Iwish came to life, years have passes and 52 Degrees suffered from the lack of things to offer and they came up with the iwish idea, a reality show to promote them and remind people of 52 Degrees but it actually back fired at them and ended up highlighting everything that is wrong in our community and how some businesses support the untalented shallow actors who claim they wanna build their career. I dont wanna make this post long so I’ll end it here and make room for your comment to express what i have might not mentioned.

What do you think of iwish ????



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