Feb 26 2013

Dual Screen Android By NEC

by Mohd in News, Technology

Many have been busy celebrating our National & liberation day & forgot that Mobile World Congress is being held in Barcelona. Its a huge fighting arena where mobile manufacturers show their newest and latest gadgets that gonna be released duirng 2013 and between all of those NEC caught my attention with their dual screen Android phone called Medias. Its a dual 4.3″ screens that may seem crazy but really so useful during daily use where most of your day you may use the 4.3″ screen & while you watch a video or browse the internet you use it as a 5.6″ screen simple Amaaaaazing


what do you think of the dual screen mobile concept in general down below ????



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Feb 05 2013

Limited Edition Blackberry Z10

by Mohd in News, Technology


Announced at BlackBerry10 Jam Europe exclusively for Blackberry developers the new Red Z10. Personally Im not a big fan of red mobiles and I like the Black Z10 but its really a great gesture from Blackberry to make developers feel special. Check the videos down below for the Limited Edition Z10.



 Which color you prefer on the Z10 Black, White or Red ?





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Aug 16 2012

New Range Rover Vogue in K-Town

by Mohd in Cars, News

The famous British luxury SUV have been revealed and available for Pre-order through Ali Alghanim & Sons Automotive Company’s website click  HERE to pre order your beautiful beast or HERE



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Jun 26 2012

RIM Selling Its Hardware Division

by Mohd in News, Technology

According to some reports published by The Sunday Times claims that RIM ( Blackberry manufacturer) is considering splitting its software (messaging network) division from its hardware division and selling the latter one. I really got shocked about the strategy RIM’s considering to get back into the competition. The idea might seem great to some and could really help RIM but what really concerns me is the hardware, RIM was the first mobile manufacturer to build their own software and hardware and that what really made RIM lead the market for a while. Most successful mobile or smart phones where built by the same company just try to remember most of the successful mobile you have held in you hands through the years or even this year (the iPhone).


Till now RIM didnt confirm or deny the leaked reports i guess we would have to wait to know what is really happening inside RIM.

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Jun 25 2012

Blackberry Bonus

by Mohd in News, Technology


RIM have launched Blackberry Bonus app as a simple Thank U gesture to all of their BB customers to enjoy some discounts.

I really loved the idea of Blackberry Bonus since they launched it few weeks ago & we should all acknowledged the fact that RIM is the first Mobile Manufacturer to come up with such an awesome gestures for their customers unlike Apple or Samsung :p Just saying



‘BlackBerry Bonus’ partners include:


  •  Baroue – 10% discount on all clothing and toys; a KD 2.5 entertainment voucher; or spend KD111 and get KD10 gift card
  •  Deer & Dear – 10-15% discount on selected products (from Sunday 24/6/2012)
  •  Dunkin Donuts – show your BlackBerry smartphone on a Wednesday evening to receive a free donut and coffee for you and a friend
  •  Franklin & Marshall – 10% discount on selected items
  •   Go Sport – 10% discount on selected items (from Thursday 21/6/2012)
  •   NBar – Mad Mondays 30% discount on all items
  •  Pierre Cardin – 50-75% discount on selected items
  •   Smashburger – buy a chocolate shake and get a free burger. One claim per day
  •   The British Centre – 20% discount on paint protection installations, car detailing services, windshield glass protection and window tinting. 5% additional discount when two or more services are bought togethe
  •   V-Kool – 20% discount on the silver package


For more information, follow BlackBerry at www.facebook.com/BlackBerryME and www.twitter.com/ME_BlackBerry.


Come on what are you waiting for start downloading the app to be updated with all the discounts 🙂





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Jun 21 2012

Microsoft The Never Ending Embarrassment

by Mohd in News, Technology

Yesterday marked the preview of Windows 8 for mobile & of course the never ending war between Apple & Microsoft. Microsoft trying to take on Siri with their newest voice recognition software & no matter how hard i try to make myself believe that Windows could make a comeback the thought of errors and lags never left my mind. Check out the video and you will definitely know how Microsoft Siri embarrassed then by not responding to the first voice command






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Jun 11 2012

اغلاق مخازن امريكانا

by Mohd in Kuwait, News


Via Froyonation

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