Dec 18 2012


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After abusing the poor Instagram servers for years now, a vast number of users decided to Delete their accounts following The new changes in privacy policy & terms of usage. in order to make some cash, Instagram team decided to sell our info’s “Don’t worry it will be sold to advertising companies only” to continue this FREE service they are providing.

Some allegations says that 90% of the photos were originally stolen from Google & the Duplications in posts were reaching 20 ish % thats why Instagram needed to expand their assets in order to accomodate all this trash that was uploaded daily.

You have to confess “users” that you are the “BAD” guys here, go check your account & see how many selly & meaningless photos you got!! & if you don’t, be 100% sure that most people did overload the servers.

I really would like to end this post with a BOMBSHELL, a fellow new blogger literally JUMPED from a 1,000 to 190,000 followers in 3 weeks a very short period of time !!! what could it be? Did she buy followers ? , Did she got some really powerful support from a telecommunication company who featured her jumping in their corridors? “thats not a joke”, or it’s maybe just the turban she’s wearing? No one will ever know.

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Oct 01 2012

Fly Baby Fly !

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MINI, Ali Al-ghanim & sons is having a competition on their facbook page. Red Bull Flugtag 2012 is just around the corner, they are asking for creative pics submissions which should include a MINI + a Red Bull can “submissions would be really interesting i think” . Ok prizes are VIP tickets to the Flugtag event & a really cool slick MINI travel bag “i know so, coz i got one” 😛

Hurry up submission deadline is on the 6th of October.

find more details on the link below

(Click me)

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Aug 11 2012

Instagraming from LONDON

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While in London during last winter, i decoumented my trip with pictures that i uploaded to my account in instagram. Most of my instagram followers are probably familiar with those pictures, except some of those ghost followers i am having just like everybody else hehehe.

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For more pictures check @Az_Q8blend in instagram

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Jun 30 2012

Staying Anonymous

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Today, just about everyone has a cellphone that functions as a camera. People are eager to photograph every moment and stay connected through images which can conveniently be shared through social networking platforms like Facebook, Twitter, and Instagram. Documenting and memorializing life has never been easier! While connecting with each other is simple, anonymity is scarce.

Photographer Poklong Anading plays with the idea of capturing life without exposing facial identity in his appropriately titled photo series Anonymity. Each image in the series presents a subject with a radiating white flash of light blocking out his/her face. It looks like a point-of-view shot, as though the subjects are photographing the photographer, but they are in fact holding up mirrors, reflecting blinding beams of light.

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Apr 29 2012

a New Side to Popular Movies Posters

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A São Paulo, Brazilian ad agency called Y&R has come up with a creative promotion for LG’s Home Theater 3D sound system. The three ads each feature a popular film poster (Kill BillPretty WomanForrest Gump) shown from a different angle. The idea behind the ad campaign is that the system gives you a new, full, three-dimensional experience. We now get to see and hear everything that was hidden in the previously two-dimensional world. Instead of a front-facing Beatrix Kiddo from Quentin Tarantino’s Kill Bill, we are now able to see her from behind with the title and credits properly flipped and composed in what is now the background. The attention to detail is incredibly accurate.


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Mar 27 2012

instagram with US

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Just wanted to let you know that the blog contributors are instagraming since some time now “almost a year” & built a large number of unique pictures library, check us out on:



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Jan 24 2012

Lilly “Superwoman” Throw Herself at Random Men!!

by Abdul-Aziz in Photography

Lilly “Superwoman” Throw Herself at Random Men!!

Normally, I wouldn’t watch women throwing themselves at men “specially in Kuwait”. However, photographer Lilly McElroy’s accurately titled series I Throw Myself At Men is really entertaining! The Arizona native literally flings her body at unknown men, capturing the moment of surprise, confusion, and awkward human contact.

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