Mar 21 2013

Cinescape This WeekEnd

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Feb 25 2013

6 Bullets Movie Review

by Mohd in Uncategorized

6 Bullets 2012 DVD Cover 6 Bullets Movie Review

Its been a while since Ive been to the movies and my friends actually chocked my when we were having our caffeine dose of the day telling me that its been over 4 months since we went to the cinema. I’ve lost myself in work & other stuff that I forgot my love and my comfort zone in the movie theater, coming to realize this fact I started searching for a movie to go watch with friends and we ended up going to 6 Bullets starring Jean-Claude Van Damme.

Van Damme means an action movie although he is not young but the role he chose in the movie fits him. 6 Bullets tells the story of an American couple who travels to Maldova and their 15 year old daughter gets kidnapped and thrown into Human trafficking ring. Human trafficking is the illegal trade of human beings. It has been perpetrated mainly for the purposes of sexual slavery or forced labor other purposes include extraction of organs or tissuesand even surrogacy and ova removal (Wikipedia). Trying to find their teen daughter the parents turns to an ex-mercenary (Van Damme) for help.

I wont go into details from here but you get the idea, Human trafficking rarely get discussed in movies, its an ugly and brutal reality but it exists and Im glad that Van Damme is trying to shade some lights on it in his movie.

Expect some explosions and good martial arts & the storyline would keep you on the edge of your seats really worth watching, with every action movie there are so many goofs and unreal heroic scenes but 6 Bullets has those but in a light semi real situations I would give it 3 Stars out 5. Check the trailer down below.


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Feb 14 2013

BlackBerry 10 Kuwait Launch Sahara event

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wpid IMG 00000059 edit BlackBerry 10 Kuwait Launch Sahara event

Last Wednesday we got invited to Blackberry 10 official launch in Kuwait. Since i mentioned Blackberry you probably would guess that its an awesome event & no matter how hard i could try to describe how great that event was words may fail me to truly describe it. The event was hosted in Sahara as i mentioned in an open Golf field, the weather was cold but perfect for this time of the year especially coz i enjoy cold the weather icon smile BlackBerry 10 Kuwait Launch Sahara event
wpid IMG 00000063 edit BlackBerry 10 Kuwait Launch Sahara event

wpid IMG 00000064 BlackBerry 10 Kuwait Launch Sahara event

Bloggers, celeberties, social media teams & the national Football team were all there, surrounded by Blackberrys Z10 device to get their hands on and get a feeling of this great new device and get to know the new software. Of course Mo6ref El-Mo6ref & Abdulsalam Mohammed performed some of their amazing songs live making all attendees wanna dance but actually no one did :p
wpid IMG 00000066 edit BlackBerry 10 Kuwait Launch Sahara event

The Z10 is a remarkable mobile computing device and Ive been using it since the day i attended the Dubai launch event, ive been really pushing it to the limits and it keeps amazing me but thats another post of course.

Finally we would like to Thank Blackberry & Bensirri for the invitation and the true amazing event & such great events are always expected from both.

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Feb 03 2013


4Tech Blog 619x140 4Tech

A new Tech blog in joins the blogosphere, its been a while since new blog joined in, so for all the geeks out there and Tech lovers click on HERE to visit them.

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Jan 03 2013

New Ubuntu Phone

by Mohd in Uncategorized

wpid Screenshot 2013 01 03 15 55 27 1 New Ubuntu Phone

Ubuntu just announced their newest operating system for mobiles, for those unfamiliar with Ubuntu its Linux. Check the video above taking into consideration that this is an early version of the OS for developers & not so stable or responsive.

I’m really excited since they revealed it yesterday but there is only one problem, its gonna be available on 2014.

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Apr 11 2012

Music Legends Vs JB

by Abdul-Aziz in Low-Fat, Uncategorized

Music Legends Vs JB

legends Music Legends Vs JB

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Nov 29 2011

Call Of Duty MW3 Review

by Mohd in Games, Uncategorized

Call Of Duty MW3 Review

COD MW3 Hands on  Call Of Duty MW3 Review

 As promised im gonna review the newest update Call Of Duty although i dont think there is a need for it coz most of u COD addicts out there bought it already :p but for those of u who didnt get it yet then u must read. Im gonna discuss the game from my own point of view & many out there would agree with me & i know my buddy Aziz wont agree much coz he just love playing the game online not the campaign mode or anything other than a Team Death Match.

COD MW3  Call Of Duty MW3 Review

The most anticipated game of the year turned out to be just the same old game but with some new maps & upgraded weapons. First lets start with the campaign mode, the story is SoOooOoOoOoOo freakin boring really could not stand playing it for more than 30 minutes.

The local multiplayer split screen is useless, we used to play it in Dewanya 4 of us against the game in a team death match but now we either play against each others in a really big map or as in 2 teams trying to finish multiple objectives. I dont deny that it is still a little fun playing it with the guys but most of the maps r too big for players wanting to kill each others icon smile Call Of Duty MW3 Review

Call of duty modern warfare 3 ps3 xbox 360 Call Of Duty MW3 Review

Now to the online multiple player experience, ill summarize it is the fewest words possible, Sams old same old nothing new its just the same as any of the previous Call Of Duty games before so if u love playing it online then dont expect anything new other than the maps & weapons.

The newest edition which is the only unique thing in Modern Warfare 3 is the kill streak system, now u can choose either assault or support. Assault is the the same kill streak system that u r used to from previous editions, the more u kill the more the earn special equipments or weapons & it resets when u die and spawn again. As for Support its more useful when u r playing as a team coz most of the equipments r meant to support ur team mates & it continues on as u die, so if u kill 3 people & die after u spawn again the counts starts from 3 and continues.

COD MW3 PS3 review  Call Of Duty MW3 Review

What i also liked about it is the missions, u can play it alone or with a partner either online or offline but unfortunately only 2 can play the mission so its not fun for my 3 buddies in Dewaneya.

Any way the game is not ground breaking unlike Battelfield 3 or KillZone 3 but it lives to the legacy of Call Of Duty online multiplayer mode other than that nothing special.


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