Oct 26 2011

Crush it Seminar

by Mohd in Events, Internet

Finally the day all of u and even us here at Q8 Blend been waiting for, the crush it seminar with Gary. The importance of social media and how u can brand ur self in order to grow ur business the key to all of that can be summarized in some points but of course no matter how i can describe it u need to read the book and should have attended the seminar so u may take full benefit of the knowledge to build and grow ur business.

well of course u need to have a good product or a service and then u start ur social media journey. In order to gain more customers and beat or actually CRUSH ur competitors simply u need to care more about ur customers, build a relationship between ur followers and ur company, dont be afraid of showing them that u r  a human with all ur political views and hobbies or even music passion just lets ur clients feel they r dealing with a human not just a machine. Dont just promote ur product or service, search the net on what do people care about or what issues they r facing related to ur business and start engaging with them, solve their problem make them feel that they matter to u even if they r not ur customers sooner or later people will come to u & they  r gonna be loyal customers and those r the people who will support ur business and help it grow more . So many companies spend a huge amount of money on TV commercials and printed adds while most customers or user r more into one to one service and dealing with humans rather than just reading of hearing an old fashion commercial.

People send more time on Twitter, Facebook, Tumblr & many other social websites other than wasting their time watching commercials on TV or in the newspapers. All in all i cant tell how awesome gary was and how much useful info he gave to the one who attended the seminar and im so glad that we even had a private seminar ( Blogger & Gary ) in the morning before the official seminar began.

Finally i would like to thank Hind Al Naheth, Khalid Al Zanki & all the Sponsors of Crush It Seminar.

BTW during the break Zain & ElectroZan held a simple competition if i may call it so and gave a way some pretty good stuff for the attendees & i won with Zain 🙂 i wont say what i got & all i can say for now that its Sensational 😉 Special thank to Zain.

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