Jan 30 2012

iPad 3 What To Expect

by Mohd in Bla Bla Bla, Technology


If i could have 1 KD for each time ive been asked about the new iPad (iPad 3) i would be a millionaire, every body is waiting for it even when the iPad 2 got released still there was a buzz about the upcoming iPad. Any way it didnt get released yet im just summarizing some of the rumors what to expect from it from my own point of view & prediction. Apple just finished their iBook event which they are gonna revolutionize educational text book, i wont get into details of that event coz u already did read about it from other sources. Somethings are basic to expect a better more powerful processor & a retina display just like the iPhone 4 & 4S btw there was no change in the display specs between the iPad & iPad 2, so a retina display for the iPad 3 or a higher resolution one but i dont think so. The iPad 2 & 1 will have a a massive price reduction inorder to support the vision which Apple have in revolutionizing text books, inorder to make the iPad affordable for most kids they just gotta cut the price by half at least for iPad 1 & 2.

Some ipad 3 Siri feature is coz Apple is gonna push Siri more & more, im an Apple fan & i dont deny it but Siri is just a dump software in my personal opinion really never felt it was something new or out of this world, i remember when there voice commands were introduced to Nokia mobile early 2000 & people were so happy about it showing to their friends ( Hay look i can speak the name i wanna call & it will dial it for me ) he/she presses the call button & says ( Call Ahmed ) BAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAM the mobile doesnt do anything looooool i remember how much i used to laugh on this feature it was epic 🙂


When to expect an iPad 3 event, most rumors are speculating by the end of February, so if you were thinking of buying an iPad before Feb you better wait.

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