Jun 17 2013

Is This What You Call Parenting !?

by Mohd in Bla Bla Bla, Kuwait

Its been along time since my last post and there is no excuse I was so busy at work lately and took a vacation not to mention my laziness but something happened that triggered my train of thoughts and pushed me to start writing again.


Yesterday I casually passed by a fast food restaurant, McDonalds to be exact and while I was there I noticed this cute little girl that her smile captured my heart coming in the restaurant with her 2 brothers & sister followed by the maid (of course no Kuwaiti child nowadays doesnt have a couple of maids following him) and their father. The oldest kid among them maybe 7 years old (Im only assuming that they are siblings and they are with their father)  the father (as i assumed) ordered some junk food for the kids and while I was waiting for my order to finish suddenly I watched the father took off in his car leaving those kids alone with the maid. I thought to myself maybe he had to buy some stuff quickly from the Co-op or the pharmacy and he will come back for his kids, but the kids were sitting on a table eating with the maid so maybe he (The father) did not order for himself. Any way I took my order and went on my way to hang out with the guys in Gahwa which is by the way 15 minute drive without traffic and guess who I see sitting in the table next to my friends ?????

Yup its the Father of those 4 Kids, to my shock I couldnt resist starring at him even had a crazy thought that the guy sitting in that table is his twin but my logic kicked in and remembered his clothes so I became so sure that he is who I just saw 15 minutes ago.


I kept on wondering what the hell is this guys doing ? could there be a logical explanation to what I just saw or maybe someone was gonna pick those kids up !!!!


Although Im single and have no experience in parenting but Ive always felt that feeding your kids junk food is like feeding them small doses of poison and at the end we wounder why the hell we have a high rate of child’s obesity in Kuwait, smart community I know.


Anyway back to my story, I spent almost 3 hours with my friends and that guy was still sitting, one of my friends wanted to go get dinner from McDonalds. It was like a hidden invite for me to join him to answer that burning question I had going on my mind. We went to the same McDonalds, deep inside I was wishing those kids were gone by now  and I overreacted upon something I dont understand but as we all know not all wishes come true. I saw the same 4 kids sitting around the same table & youngest girl who her smile captured my heart were resting her head on the table almost sleeping with their maid bored to hell not to mention the amount of junk food that went into their system.

What the hell is happening to the world…..correction to Kuwait ?

Am I overacting cause i dont know anything about the stress parents suffer from everyday ?

Does that stress give the parents the right to ditch their kids and go have fun alone ?

Some times I think that some people dont deserve to have kids since they lack the responsibility to care and provide for them.

Im throwing my story out there for all of you to share your thoughts on that matter, please correct me if Im wrong does that seem normal to you or acceptable throwing your kids at a place with the maid and you go hang out with friends ??????


4 Responses to Is This What You Call Parenting !?

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  2. Nawaf AL-Rudaini June 20, 2013 at 9:29 am

    since I’m a parent of 3 girls (9, 4, 4) I am going to answer your question about “stress of being a parent”:
    Being a parent is stressful. But in the same time its a beautiful stress. Kids are demanding, but there is no greater joy in life than seeing the look on your kid’s face that says “my daddy is there for me”. There is nothing wrong with wanting to spend time away from your kids every once in a while. When my wife and I have this need to be alone, we just take the kids to my parent’s house or hers’ and go about our fun things and come back later for them. We never leave the kids at home alone with the maid, and we never go some where, and leave them with the maid while we go watch a movie. We don’t act as if the kids have ruined our lives.

  3. sarah hasan October 19, 2013 at 9:31 am

    i can comment on him he hates his life otherv wise why would he be num towards his kids junk food is another problem lifestyle issue but ignoring your kids lile that as if they are not a part of your being means you are escaping

  4. princecharming November 3, 2014 at 12:32 am

    This is exactly why some people shouldn’t be parents, If you cant be responsible then why bring innocent children and then neglecting them. It’s really sad..

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