Apr 04 2012

KeyBoard For My iPad

by Mohd in Technology, Tips

Another solution to fully satisfy your iPad needs and keep you more productive 🙂

A friend of mine asked me about a suitable keyboard & a case for his iPad coz most of the day he is abusing it in work meeting & throwing it in the car for hours due to his work conditions. In case you are facing the same issues & wanted something better than the on screen keyboard i would highly advise you to go and buy Adonit Writer 2.

If your in a meeting it will look as a thin laptop while in real its only an iPad attached to a cover. It adds to you productivity coz you wont have to hold the ipad in hands. Im even ended up getting one myself although i prefer on screen keyboards but it will be more comfortable for me when using it on a desk.


You can order it from HERE its only 99$

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