May 07 2012

Lets Steal @f2odesigns

Its not the first case of coping and stealing designs from a successful business and claiming its their own. This time the victim is f2o Designs and what really pisses me off is the way that copycat confronted others that its ok for him to just download f2o Designs pics and sell them for a cheaper price, he didnt even have the courtesy to apologize or keep quite about it & attacking anyone who confronts him with the truth.

Its always a risk for any business that someone could come and just copy their design, products or service and offer them to the public as if its their own & its not gonna be the last case in my opinion coz basically we dont have a law system that deals with such freaks ( you might say we have but its all ink on old paper ) nothing happens coz we live in Kuwait


For more details on the story you may check  PinkGirlQ8  DustyRoses  OwlOlive Swera Elderwaza His&Hers  & Danderma.

Special Thanks to Danderma for spreading the word

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  2. N3VER2LATE May 9, 2012 at 12:45 pm

    OMG thats so messed up!

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