May 12 2013

Read Before You Buy The Galaxy S4

by Mohd in Info, Kuwait, Technology

Many have been taking the plunge into buying the Samsung Galaxy S4 without knowing some basic information about the device they are paying for. The Galaxy S4 comes in 3 different models, the Quad core model which come in 3G or LTE & the Octa Core model.

I asked a representative working in Samsung Al-Babtain about the available models here in Kuwait & most of the available models here are the Quad Core ones while the Octa ( 8 Core) model is gonna be available within a month or 2 at most.

How to distinguish between each model ?

The Quad Core 3G is Samsung I9500 Galaxy S4


while is the Quad core LTE is Samsung I9505 Galaxy S4


The Octa Core (8 core) model Samsung I9502 Galaxy S4


You should know which model you are getting before spending your money on something you probably dont want especially is you already own a Galaxy S3 you dont should not upgrade to the galaxy S4 unless you get the Octa Core model.

3 Responses to Read Before You Buy The Galaxy S4

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  2. ilulzblog May 15, 2013 at 4:36 pm

    The other day I was doing my own research about this, and I was constantly checking with Zain on which device is available and when they are getting the other version and so on.
    It is truly sad to know that people would go and buy the device without checking or getting to know what they are buying first !

    Thanks for the post 😀

    • Mohd May 16, 2013 at 6:33 pm

      It drives me mad when I see them rushing into mobile shops buying it without know anything about the specs, warranty or even the acceptable price just for the sake of bragging infront of their comrades. And at the end they only use it for whatsapp and Instagram not even using it for its full potentials or the built in features.

      Your most welcome dear 🙂

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