Feb 05 2012

Save Fahad

by Q8 Blend Family in Health, Kuwait

Life is not always about ambition & success, what really matters in life is our ability to help & give. From a religious point of view or even from humanity one, no matter how you look at it giving is the number one vertue we all should have. Fahad the cute baby in the pic above needs a bone marrow transplant coz he is suffering from leukemia ( Allah Yshafeeh ), non of his family members are a match to donate to him. A matched donor was found in India but inorder to have the operation he needs 37,000 KD so we are calling out for a sponsor either a company or a kind heart person to help save Fahad.

I didnt finish yet your role is really important our readers, help spread the word by twitter, Facebook, BBM, Whatapp or any other social network you use.

If you know anyone interested in sponsoring Fahad’s operation please contact our dear friend Q8Rain by email q8rain@gmail.com.

Special Thanks to Danderma & Q8Rain for spreading the word

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  1. Rainy February 7, 2012 at 4:40 pm

    Thank you guys for sharing … inshalah ya rab we can spread the word to complete the amount

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