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Apr 10 2012

Bad Advertising

by Mohd in Bla Bla Bla, Tips

When it comes to advertising we all know that the old traditional way of tv commercials and newspaper adds are almost extinct.

Companies whether big or small, new or old are trying to find new ways to be closer to their customers. Twitter, FaceBook, Google+ , Instagram and many other social sites. We can now find them on almost all the social network we can imagine. Don’t get me wrong this is a good thing to communicate more with you product/service provider but some companies are doing it all wrong.

They make an account lets say on twitter & they just keep sending you a mention tweet about their products and so you would have to read the tweet & if you reply to them they simply don’t answer coz they are busy spamming everyone else sending them the same tweet in their mentions.

cough cough****الجو حلو يبيله فطاير زعتر ****   cough, come on give me a break cant you even find a better tweet  😛

Now let’s go to Instagram, one of the most annoying things you can find in your feed that a company you are following uploads a mass amount of pics all in the same time filling your feed with their pics which by the way 90% of them are useless coz they look into quantity not quality. I even commented on a pic from a certain company (restaurant/cafe)  that they are spamming not posting & I actually found out that they don’t even reply to comments from followers, cough cough ****Baza cafe *** cough 😛

They should get some marketing consultant to advise them on how to make good useful posts, tweets or pics. If  they even dont wanna hire some one a simple thing that they can do is caring about their customers & taking their feed back into consideration & replying to every comment or tweet that get sent to them. They are actually not marketing but annoying their customer by spamming their timeline.
Some companies do this social connecting in a right way & end up satisfying their customer & my post is only meant


to give those spammers a simple advice from a normal user’s prospective.


Anyone out there is getting spammed ?

What Do You Think ?

Apr 04 2012

KeyBoard For My iPad

by Mohd in Technology, Tips

Another solution to fully satisfy your iPad needs and keep you more productive 🙂

A friend of mine asked me about a suitable keyboard & a case for his iPad coz most of the day he is abusing it in work meeting & throwing it in the car for hours due to his work conditions. In case you are facing the same issues & wanted something better than the on screen keyboard i would highly advise you to go and buy Adonit Writer 2.

If your in a meeting it will look as a thin laptop while in real its only an iPad attached to a cover. It adds to you productivity coz you wont have to hold the ipad in hands. Im even ended up getting one myself although i prefer on screen keyboards but it will be more comfortable for me when using it on a desk.


You can order it from HERE its only 99$

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