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May 14 2013

BBM Will Be Available On Android & iOS

by Mohd in apps, News, Technology


Announced a few hours ago in Blackberry Live that the famous BBM Messenger is gonna be across platform app which means that iPhone & Android users gonna be able to simply download BBM from their App Store.

It’s a bold move from Blackberry to gain more users back on BBM but My initial thought that they are slowly killing themselves coz other than security Blackberry had this unique feature which now can be available on iOS & Android.

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Apr 09 2012

Has APPLE became a Symbol ??

by Abdul-Aziz in Bla Bla Bla, Technology

Has Apple became a SYMBOL ??

People often look at products in terms of handling & functionality. I was pretty amazed when, on my first iPhone, I couldn’t directly connect with other Bluetooth devices or simply install a new media player for a change.You simply can’t do this stuff with Apple products.

But when people use examples like that as an example of why Apple ‘ain’t all that great’, what they miss is that Apple is not simply a tech company, but a cultural symbol. It isn’t necessarily about Apple’s marketing successes as much as it is that Apple, the media and the public have positioned Apple as a sign of the cultural importance and needs. in Arabic “HABBA”

Recently, technology has become the thing in our culture that is symbolic of how we’re moving into the future. And Apple has become the company many in our culture look for to determine the direction of that movement: what the trends will be ??, what technology will take over ?? etc. Everyone now knows about an Apple event & new launches.

Sure, there are many “competitors” but Apple seems to be the most famous because of a simple, overlooked fact: their products are really obvious. You don’t have to be a tech-nerd to understand that their touch screens are neat. You don’t have to be a geek to know that carrying around your music collection and scrolling through it quickly is useful. You don’t have to care about software to know that the way the App Store manages updates is really plain and clear. The benefits of Facetime & some of the other features are really neglectable ; no-one cares that you could do it on a Nokia phone years ago.

The point is that Apple’s grand comprehensive statement (“we think this is the future of everything!”) connect with people quite easily. And because their products impact culture and not just tech – in things like the mobile web, the iPod, or the iPad – Apple can say what they want because they are the ones setting the tone of the TREND.

SO … yes i think Apple does became a symbol.

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Jun 28 2011

iPad is Iconic

by Abdul-Aziz in Ads, Technology

iPad is Iconic

Here’s Apple’s latest iPad ad (and the first for 2011). It shows a DJ app, a tickets app, The Wall Street Journal, iBooks, the App Store, Pages, a movie reel app, and a news app.

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