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Jan 10 2012

No iPad For Kids

by Mohd in Bla Bla Bla, Kuwait

No iPad For Kids

Do u know a kid that owns an ipad ? of course we all do coz almost every kid now has one, i dont know whats the use of it for them of course some parents will say it helps with educational apps, HELLOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOO i dont think so. 99% of  kids r just playing games on it

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Dec 26 2011

BlackBerry Touch Screen Problem Fix

by Mohd in Technology, Tips

BlackBerry Touch Screen Problem Fix

Most BlackBerry owners with a touch screen have been complaining & getting frustrated with the same problem occurring over & over, I even encountered the same problem with my Bold 9900. The problem occurs during a call, the touch screen does not lock & u end up pressing the on screen button with ur cheeks so end up turning the speaker on or putting the call on hold.

مشكلة تتكرر مع اصحاب البلاك بيري الذي يحتوي علي شاشة لمس. عند استقبال مكالمة الشاشة ما تطفي مما يؤدي الي ضغط الأزرار علي الشاشة بالغلط.


Mainly the problem exist in most of the blackberry touch screen devices & that is due to a lag in the light sensor so I found a solution for all of u out there. The solution is so simple just install one of these apps available in the App world they will lock ur screen when u have a call so u don’t press the on screen buttons with ur cheeks.

الحل للمشكلة بسيط جداً وهو تثبيت احد هذه البرامج و التي سوف تغلق الشاشة عند استقبال مكالمة.

Those apps r comparable on Bold 9900, all Torch models & the new curve 9380. Personally i tried both apps & they work perfectly but i prefer the TalkLock coz it only locks the screen during the call while DragLock also have more features & lock options.

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Dec 19 2011

Win An iPhone 4S With VIVA

by Mohd in Ads

Win An iPhone 4S With VIVA

Customers are invited to visit VIVA branches at the Kuwait International Airport, the Avenues Mall and 360 Mall on January 10th 2012 to benefit of becoming a “Mayor” to one of those branches and get the chance to win the new iPhone 4S that was recently launched by VIVA.  In addition, VIVA will launch several offers and promotions on the foursquare app to better interact with the customers.


 تدعوVIVA  جميع مشتركيها لزيارة فروع الشركة في مطار الكويت الدولي ومجمع الأفنيوز ومول 360، في يوم 10 يناير القادم للاستفادة من الفرصة الذي تخولهم لكي يكونوا    “Mayors” لأحد هذه الفروع و الفوز بجهاز iPhone 4S  الجديد مجانا. و كما سوف يتم الإعلان عن مسابقات و عروض مميزة لجميع العملاء من خلال هذا التطبيق.

Incase you dont know what FourSquare is well its a service that lets you discover new places to go to & save the place u already been through, myself i’ve discovered so many places using FourSquare & by the way FourSquare app is available on all platforms iOS, Android & Blackberry. Come guys what r u waiting for start checking in to win a brand new iPhone 4S 🙂

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Nov 21 2011

Whats On Your Home Screen !!

by Mohd in Technology

Whats On Your Home Screen !!

Im so fed up  of the top 25 apps in the app store coz most of those apps r either useless or just stupid games (Games for kids mostly)
which really brings me to a conclusion that most of the iPad users & some of the iphones r not even teens they r kids. If u open the app store now trying to discover a good app u wont find any, unless u search it by Name of category coz the top downloaded apps r useless. So i came up with the idea of gathering some screen shots of the most used apps by Bloggers & some of our reader & i would like to thank each one who participated & sent me a screen shot. It is also a good chance to get to know what apps most of blogger use. so lets start 🙂 Not only iphone screen shots were gathered some r Android & BlackBerry so there is something for every body looking for an app that yet they havent discovered.



Made in Q8 


Boftain on BlackBerry PlayBook

FhD the developer of Blog@ & Elderwaza blogger




Khalid Alzanki from Crush it, u can notice it from his wallpaper 🙂







Triple Sisters 

Triple F

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Oct 02 2011

Kindle Models Comparison

by Mohd in Technology

Kindle Models Comparison

Amazon’s latest tab/reader have been swipping the net some r suggestion thats its gonna be an iPad killer ( No WAY) or a feriece competitor to the Galaxy Tab (Again NO WAY ).  I wanted to clear things up and since im getting alot of questions about it especially during the last weekend im making this simple post so i dont have to repeat myself evertime someone is asking me about it.


First of all people should know that Kindle Fire is an e-reader which got revamped to become a Tablet which i believe is a huge plus for it in my opinion. Its not a full Android tablet so u cant download Apps through the Android Market app its has the Amazon Market app built into it so not all of the android apps will be included in Amazon’s market.

For more spec details & pricing check Jacqui‘s post HERE

If u already decided to buy a Kindle but still hesitated on which model u should get well u may want to check the pic below for

Is the Kindle made for u ?

Now if u r comparing between Kindle Fire & other Android Tablets well ur totally mistaken. Kindle fire is most suitable for those who love reading and Amazon customers of course coz as i mentioned earlier its an E-Brook Reader with some mods. Unfortunately we live in a world (Arab World) where reading is facing extinction & most people just waste their times watching funny clips on YouTube and reading Funny BroadCasts so its not aimed for Arabs in general.

If u love reading, always on the go and ur only need is to browse the net & use some simple Apps the Kindle is ur unicorn so go and get it 🙂

Comparison Pic from LifeHacker 




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Sep 23 2011

Help Improving Blog@

by Mohd in apps

Help Improving Blog@


Fahad the master mind behind Blog@ is asking all of his app users to share their thoughts with him so he may update his app in the best way possible. Come on answer a few simple questions and share ur opinion with him, click HERE 🙂

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Jul 09 2011

Justin Beiber Annouying App

by Mohd in apps, Technology

Justin Beiber Annouying App


I could not believe my eyes when I saw suck an app in the App store. Someone made an effort to make a Justin Beiber App, does he (The Developer) think he may earn money selling such an app ???!!!!!!

I hate Justin so much and I know for sure I’m not the only one out there, I even began believing that no one actually likes him.

The app is so Annouying & stupid in my opinion, Its an animation of him that talks and make face expressions. Isn’t it not enough that we see his face on magazines & on the web !!!!


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