Nov 14 2011

iPad Joy Stick

by Mohd in Technology

iPad Joy Stick

 Although all of us enjoy & love the response of the ipad or iphone touch screen but we can forget the good old memories we had when we were kids playing video games on Atary. Now u can get those old memories back to ur iPad & iPhone, some games r hard to control on a virtual on screen pad & i found this cool actually more than cool in fact AWESOOOOOOOOME joy stick. U only stick it on ur screen, start ur iPad game and start playing. It wont set u back alot it only costs 18 $ or 30 $ for 2 joy sticks. inshallah i will order it for sure & finally i just wanna mention that its made from stainless steel which means u dont have to worry about it breaking off check the video review below.

Also available for ur iphone 

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