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Dec 29 2011

Define Awesome, Barney Stinson

by Abdul-Aziz in Bla Bla Bla, Fun, TV

Define Awesome, Barney Stinson

I had never been inspired by some TV character like this before, maybe just a little bit when i was like 6-9 yrs old by some cartoon characters (Sansheroo, Kabteen Majed & maybe Superman 😛 ) but ever since TV was just TV & nothing were special.

No woman “specially Kuwaiti’s” would like the fact that every guy in the world want to be Barney “the character” from How i meet your mother series

What Do You Think ?

Aug 15 2011

Sexy Halema

by Mohd in Bla Bla Bla, TV

Sexy Halema

Another Ramadan & another disgusting program by Halema. Each year she tops her previous by making something more horrible than the previous. This year not only she is annoying us with her voice and more than OVER Dala3 Ma9e’7 she is pregnant and hosting a game show. What The Hell is she thinking !!!!!!!

Of course during the show so many pics of her posing with her famous one side pose, whats the use of all these pics. I canimagine her saying to all of us Hay look at me I’m pretty look at me I’m pretty, UGGGGGGHHHHHHHH





For all of u out there who thinks she is pretty imagine her without the 10 kg of makeup would u still think she is !!!!???
When it comes to women I’ve heard so many women saying Ooh how beautiful Halema is. I won’t argue with them but I would like to see their reaction when their husbands say the same, he probably will sleep out side the house.

Why most of the media not saying the truth about her, simple reason coz she loves suing any one who criticize her. Have we reached a point were we can’t say the truth any more!!!!


I mean look at her looking like Barney with her purple dress , Hooooooooorrrible so horrible, I never liked her or thought of her as a pretty woman or some one who can represent Kuwaiti woman in general so I’m not saying this coz she is pregnant.

Guys & girls out there leave a comment below telling me what u really think.












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What Do You Think ?

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