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Mar 14 2013

Whatsapp Now On BB10 (Z10)

by Mohd in apps, News


Great news for all Blackberry 10 users, just a few minutes ago whatsapp just got released on Blackberry World (app store) so start downloading it.

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Mar 03 2013

Poll: The BlackBerry Z10, Black or White??

by Abdul-Aziz in Technology


Recently this has became a debate. in which color it looks better?? white or black?

صوت : أيهما تفضل؟؟ الأبيض أم الأسود؟؟

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Jul 31 2012

BlackBerry 10 Features To Look For

by Mohd in Technology

Blackberry 10 is one of the most anticipating upcoming mobile software for loyal BB users and tech addicts, and it might change the whole thing to RIM and bring it back to competition.

The videos below demonstrate some of the features on BB 10.

The below video features RIM’s answer to Siri although im not a big fan of Siri or voice command software in general coz  its pretty useless and unpractical but some of you will definitely would enjoy it. Check it out.

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Jan 06 2012

BlackBerry 9790 Available In Kuwait

by Mohd in Technology

For all of u BB addicts out there the BlackBerry 9790 is now available in Kuwait. If u don’t know the 9790 it’s a smaller Bold for those who hated the size of the 9900.

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Sep 13 2011

BlackBerry Torch 9860

by Mohd in Technology

BlackBerry Torch 9860

For all the blackberry lovers out there and for the people who have been running wild across K-Town trying to buy the Blod 9900 no matter how much it may cost, the new Torch 9860 has been released and soon it will be available in Q8. I guess this is a bad news for some & a good for others.


well Blackberry it pushing it so hard to compete with Android & the big Apple, with its all touch Torch ya torch not the Storm, & the Screen is NOT CLICKABLE HURRAAAAAAAAYYYYYYYYYYYY 🙂

The Blackberry Storm know what im talking about coz the Storm’s screen was basically a nightmare incarnated for BB users who had a dream of using a touch screen on their Berry.

The new Torch 9860 has the same processor that the 9900 has & almost the same resolution but on a bigger screen. I wont go into alot of details coz u may read the specs HERE.

I would just like to mention the most important features of RIM newest baby, The screen is so responsive just like the iPhone & it comes with OS 7 out of the box & of course liquid graphics as RIM calls it. The camera is 5 Mpix with Auto focus unlike the 9900. Finally for those concerned with the thickness of the device i would just say one thing……………..Its Slim 🙂



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