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Nov 21 2011

Whats On Your Home Screen !!

by Mohd in Technology

Whats On Your Home Screen !!

Im so fed up  of the top 25 apps in the app store coz most of those apps r either useless or just stupid games (Games for kids mostly)
which really brings me to a conclusion that most of the iPad users & some of the iphones r not even teens they r kids. If u open the app store now trying to discover a good app u wont find any, unless u search it by Name of category coz the top downloaded apps r useless. So i came up with the idea of gathering some screen shots of the most used apps by Bloggers & some of our reader & i would like to thank each one who participated & sent me a screen shot. It is also a good chance to get to know what apps most of blogger use. so lets start 🙂 Not only iphone screen shots were gathered some r Android & BlackBerry so there is something for every body looking for an app that yet they havent discovered.



Made in Q8 


Boftain on BlackBerry PlayBook

FhD the developer of Blog@ & Elderwaza blogger




Khalid Alzanki from Crush it, u can notice it from his wallpaper 🙂







Triple Sisters 

Triple F

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