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Feb 03 2013


A new Tech blog in joins the blogosphere, its been a while since new blog joined in, so for all the geeks out there and Tech lovers click on HERE to visit them.

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Mar 27 2012

instagram with US

by Abdul-Aziz in Blog, Photography

Just wanted to let you know that the blog contributors are instagraming since some time now “almost a year” & built a large number of unique pictures library, check us out on:



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Feb 28 2012

Missing Locas

by Mohd in Ads

Missing Locas

A reader of our Blog lost his cute dog, actually got stolen. He left him in the car for a really short time & came back to find that his car were open & his faithful friend got stolen.

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Nov 13 2011

Q8 Blend new feature the “Junkie Junk” page

by Abdul-Aziz in Blog, Fun

Q8 Blend new feature the “Junkie Junk” page

Dear Readers … we would like to draw your attention to our blog latest additions. Basically, we call it the happy page “we promise; no rant no t7l6m” it will be full with positive energy & honest laughs, full of pictures with phrases .It’s a user friendly page, you can reach it by clicking either the “Junkie Junk”  hyperlink on the top or you can check it’s latest featured posts on the sidebar bot

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Oct 30 2011

هالوين في الجابرية

by Mohd in Community, Kuwait

هالوين في الجابرية

One of our Blog readers sent us those pics of a house in Jabreya which i think is pretty amazing, taking time to decorate for Halloween.

In case u r wondering, yes i dont mind people celebrating Halloween although i personally dont celebrate it but there is no harm in doing so.

ارسل إلينا احد قراء المدونة هذه الصور لاحد البيوت المزينة للاحتفال بالهالوين ، مجهود رائع.

و بصراحة أنا مو ضد الاحتفال بالهالوين ، الناس تبي تستأنس و تهرب من مشاكل و الهموم اليومية فا ليش لا !!!!

Some will start arguing that its not an islamic thing but SoOoOoooOo What, people just wanna have fun and run away from their daily troubles and stress.

Tell what u think in the comment section below r u with or against it ???????


شاركونا برأيكم اذا أنتو مع او ضد هال مناسبات ؟؟؟؟ 


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Sep 28 2011

Living in the PAST!

by Abdul-Aziz in Fashion, History, Internet, Shopping

Living in the PAST!

NotYetVintage.com is a vintage lovers community, they offer you to buy vintage goods or to sell yours through them, this is really a new & creative idea for people whose living in the past “like myself”. Am looking forward to see more men or collectors stuff “5amacheer” in the future. Come on check them out & exhibit your unneeded stuff, maybe some one is looking to find it for years. 

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Sep 23 2011

Help Improving Blog@

by Mohd in apps

Help Improving Blog@


Fahad the master mind behind Blog@ is asking all of his app users to share their thoughts with him so he may update his app in the best way possible. Come on answer a few simple questions and share ur opinion with him, click HERE 🙂

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