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Apr 29 2013

TAP The Web App

by Mohd in Internet, Kuwait, Technology

How do you usually pay your mobile bills & Network’s provider subscribtions  ?

Do you waste your time going through different websites just to find a certain product & compare each one ?

Do you own a small business & couldn’t find an online payment method suitable for your customers ?

Im glad to announce that a new era for mobile payment has arrived. A new way to get away from all the annoyance mentioned above. We live in a mobile world where more than 35% of our time (according to some study) is spent using our mobiles & PCs and one of the most annoying things to do is sell & buy stuff online mainly because most of the local services don’t provide online payment through their websites, or if the do some are not user or mobile friendly, well thats all gonna change with TAP.

Last week we had a chance to meet Ali Abu-Alhasan One of the master minds behind  Tap, to get a preview of this new service that I believe gonna be a big hit in Kuwait. Aziz & I burned Ali with our questions and concerns & he answered all our question professionally & honesty. We are really proud of those awesome Kuwaiti developers behind Tap.

Tap is a web app that enables you to buy, pay your bills and sell your products/services online without the need to go to the official website of the seller. Whats really interesting about Tap is the ability to create your business/personal profile and start selling your products within minutes without the need to worry about security, all small businesses gonna benefit from this service and you the cunsumer are the beneficiary, paying your bills, subscriptions, buying stuff and browsing through various products while enjoying your coffee or being in your comfort zone.

Check the demo above and be amazed.

Tap is basically a web app which is much better in my personal opinion than a mobile app, you just log into it from you browser no matter what mobile you are using (iphone, Android, Blackberry) and thats the main advantage of a web app, just open your browser and you are browsing through an app-like interface. Tap will official launch on May 6th but the site is live now for you to preview.

For more information on Tap, visit gotapnow.com or visit the following social media channels:

Instagram: @gotapnow

Twitter: @gotapnow

Facebook: @gotapnow




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Dec 30 2012

Best Of 2012

by Mohd in Bla Bla Bla, Blog

Best of 2012

We are approaching the end of 2012 and I wanted to do a post about the best of 2012 but after thinking of all the good gadgets & products that were revealed this year I couldn’t fit all the things in one post, so i came into the conclusion of making a series of posts highlighting the best of each category or at least what i think may interest you. The list is gonna be based mainly of my personal opinion & experience not copied from Mashable or Engadget or even LifeHacker.

All in all at the end of this year I would just like to thank all of our readers for the support and wish that 2013 brings you more success, prosperity & happiness

What Do You Think ?

Nov 27 2012

Service Hero Or A Marketing Fail

by Mohd in Bla Bla Bla, Kuwait

Few weeks ago we got invited by service hero to help them promote their survey. Probably you have heard about them and how they try to collect customers opinions through their survey measuring service quality across different sectors and industries in K-Town. Everything was smooth and great until Service Hero decided to come up with a so called competition to motivate bloggers in promoting them and there is nothing wrong with that unless you are just making something out of plane air and trying to promote it & under estimating blogger’s mind. So here is their so called prizes they are offering for the blogger who will deliver the the highest number of direct link to them.

1- Having an active role in the community and driving readers to express their opinions in the Service Hero survey.

2- Announcing the winning blogger through Service Hero’s social media accounts to gain more readers.
3- Attending the service hero ceremony and having a chance to meet companies senior executives.


Did you get what i mean by their so called competition ? If not well lets go through each prize they are offering and analyse it.

1- Having an active role in the community and driving readers to express their opinions in the Service Hero survey, actually all bloggers are doing that already since the day they started blogging and even before Service Hero existed plus we are doing it for free & I dont consider blogging a business.

2- Announcing the winning blogger through Service Hero’s social media accounts to gain more readers, Who ever follows their social media accounts are either interested in their service and not interested in reading or just came to know them through another social media website (Blog, website, Forum or even newspapers) which basically means they read blogs, forums and they know about blogs already.

3- Attending the service hero ceremony and having a chance to meet companies senior executives, well 90% of bloggers already met them or at least the executives who totally understand the importance of social media or have means to communicate with them, so again and again its not a prize plus we all know that during these ceremonies no one remembers who is who  and the executives did only attend to have award.

When they sent the email I tried to ignore it coz it but I couldnt help giving them a piece of my mind & I was so glad they accept constructive criticism,  & they replied to my email trying to elaborate on something that already didnt make sense, just to make thing clear I DONT WANT a materialistic prize nor any blogger does I would prefer if they offer a prize for they people helping them in their survey.

We are not competing in their so called competition & I actually did advice them to hire some marketing expert coz they definitely need one & to never under estimate bloggers or people in general. It totally burns my mind & I tried to find Marketing For Dummies in some libraries so i may send it to them as a gift from Q8 Blend but i couldnt find it so please Service Hero if you find the book above buy it & READ it. Im not a marketing expert & you all know Im an engineer but I can notice marketing fail when i see one.

Finally Im giving them the stamp below till further notice.


What do you think guys ? plz share your opinion down below.




What Do You Think ?

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