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Mar 01 2012

The Ultimate FAIL “in Arabic”

by Abdul-Aziz in Fun, Stupidity

The Ultimate FAIL “in Arabic”


A new fuel tanker arrives on location somewhere in the Middle East.

The company manager in charge tells the fleet supervisor to ensure that the tanker is clearly labeled: “Diesel Fuel” in Arabic and “No Smoking” in Arabic. This is what he got …

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Jul 12 2011

248am & The Mystery Man From ISP

by Mohd in Internet

248am & The Mystery Man From ISP

Mark the owner of 248am got a chance to meet up with a mysterious guy who is related to ISP (to read his post click HERE ). I wanted to comment on Mark’s post but my comment will be long i figured out making a post to speak out my mind about the mysterious man & CAPS. Im gonna discuss the Mysterious man argument on why ISP all agreed on the CAPS.


First thing u all must know that while i was reading the post an image of a consperacy movie came into my mind, thinking of a man wearing a dark mask on his face just to cover his identity 😛


any way i wont go into details on the ISP and MOC relationship or whether if all the blame should fall upon the MOC for not upgrading their infrastructure, so lets start analyzing his words

So high demand and limited supply and add to that the price war that was taking place between the ISP’s and they all got to the point where they had a lot more subscribers than they and the MOC could supply bandwidth. The situation became critical and so for the first time ever, the ISP’s united and decided to increase and unify their prices during the last expo since the demand was was more than the supply. The ISP’s were hoping the increase in prices might also spark an outcry from the consumers which would in return put pressure on the MOC but that didn’t happen.


The mysterious man is justifying that the ISP increased their prices in order to satisfy the High demand & generate an outcry from the customers to increase the bandwidth!!!!!!!!!!!

ISP could not satisfy the high demand and supply the customer service needed so they increased their prices to spark an outcry from the customers thats what i call nonsense and irrelevant they could have just rejected the extra number of subscribers since they cant supply the intended service infact they took more money and more subscribers. hmmmmmmmmmm can any one make sense of this guy’s words !!!!!

Since nothing changed after the expo and the ISP’s were still lacking bandwidth, they didn’t have a choice other than to set limits. The ISP’s came together for a second time and decided to place download caps on all their users and here we are today. The good news is that the caps resulted in an outcry that triggered the MOC to take action. I’ve also been told that both parties are currently in talks and it looks like everything is going to get fixed soon.

His second justification on the CAPS that they wanted to spark a mass outcry by the customers to the MOC to increase the bandwidth and renew their services because their first action collecting a huge bundle of money didnt go as they planed so they took another one !!!

Now i feel that this guy watched too many Mafia & conspiracy movies 

what really made me MAD from the mysterious man that he is not making any sense and just justifying a GREEDY action taken by the ISP and believing that releasing a hidden statement and a consipiracy theory were the ISP r the unknown HEROS making the public move for a better service is what they have planned in the first place. If he didnt release a statement would be much BETTER than just reading a bunch of nonsense reasons and thinking they can underistemate the mind of  kuwaitis and thinking that they might fall for it.

Do u know who owns GulfNet, Quality, KEMS & FastTelco !!!!! search the net for the owners and when u read their names u will definitly know that if the owners wanted any thing ANY thing and im repeating again ANY thing from the MOC or any ministry they could have got it . Search the names and u will know what i mean 😉

Finally this post is intened to reply on the mysterious man statement or what ever u may call it & special thanks for Mark for giving us a chance to know how the ISP think of Kuwaiti minds.


I must disconnect now coz i already used my Limit for today   


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