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Sep 02 2012

Apple & Android Fan boys

by Mohd in Kuwait, Technology

Ever since Apple became famous to some due to their iphone people have been taking sides and claiming they chose the best mobile available in the market.

People plz stop fighting and wasting your time on an endless war.  A simple fact that we

all should acknowledge both iOS &  Android have their Pros & Cons and whatever suits your needs will be the best thing for you.

Many are carrying an iPhone &  just using it for Whatsapp, twitter & of course phone calls while infact they could be very happy holding any other mobile device.
Same thing goes for Android,  many were just racing to get their hands on the Galaxy S3 and they are not even using 1/4 of its potentials.  Some even don’t know that it’s an Android.

facepalm john stewart facepalm john stewart

To all the Fan boys out there plz before you start arguing that whatever brand is the best take a few days and use the counter product before you start bashing it.


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May 28 2012

Samsung Galaxy S3 Mania


You all have been reading and hearing about the latest Samsung Galaxy S3 but this is not a review or how i got my Galaxy S3 kind of post but im just so annoyed on how people are acting here in K-Town & even GCC about the S3 and the mania associated with it.

The fact that the Galaxy S3 is a great device doesnt have to do with people racing to mobile retail store or telecommunication companies and wait in line for hours at least just to get their hands on it. I mean i was so shocked by the number of people waiting in line & running from place to place just to buy the S 3.

Most of us have an iPhone or an Android device or a Blackberry if not 2 devices at once so why all the madness people !!

I cant think of a logical reason for someone who went to a mobile retail shop in Sharq and bought the Galaxy S3 for 250 KD or even more all because he could not find it in another place.

You all know how much i adore gadgets but i would never run around looking for something that i can have anytime for a good price.

Have you ever stopped for a minute and watched people rushing in stores to buy something that its not that important ?

Have we reached a point in life were all that matters to us are just material things or dont we have nothing else to care about or look forward to other than buying and owning a device?

 Have we reached a point in life were all the sense of achievement we could have is by buying something that just got released so we can be the first to brag about it ?


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May 06 2012

Skin Art Design

by Mohd in Art, Community, Kuwait

Last week i got an invitation from Emad & Meshary the 2 talented kuwaiti designers i discovered and wrote about before ( check my previous posts Here & Here )   and as usual they never failed to amaze me with their designs. Too bad the booth was didnt show all their work coz mainly it was presented on a video and some sort of a slide show.

They showed me some of the projects they worked on and how they did overcome some challenging obstacles, i wont say how much i liked their work but ill leave you to decide for yourself click Here to check some of their previous art work & you may visit their official web site Here.

I took a tour through the exhibition and snapped some pics of various stuff that caught my eyes


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Apr 22 2012

“One Day On Earth” in KUWAIT!

by Abdul-Aziz in Community, Environment, Kuwait, Movies

UNDP Kuwait and the Australian College Of Kuwait

are proud to present…

First film ever to include footage filmed in EVERY COUNTRY ON EARTH — ON THE SAME DAY

“One Day on Earth” to Screen in 160+ Countries Worldwide on Earth Day, April 22

Time: 6:30pm Sunday April 22, 2012
Place: ACK Auditorium
for more infos click (Here)

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Feb 28 2012

Missing Locas

by Mohd in Ads

Missing Locas

A reader of our Blog lost his cute dog, actually got stolen. He left him in the car for a really short time & came back to find that his car were open & his faithful friend got stolen.

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Feb 05 2012

Save Fahad

by Q8 Blend Family in Health, Kuwait

Save Fahad

Life is not always about ambition & success, what really matters in life is our ability to help & give. From a religious point of view or even from humanity one, no matter how you look at it giving is the number one vertue we all should have. Fahad the cute baby in the pic above needs a bone marrow transplant coz he is suffering from leukemia ( Allah Yshafeeh ), non of his family members are a match to donate to him. A matched donor was found in India but inorder to have the operation he needs 37,000 KD so we are calling out for a sponsor either a company or a kind heart person to help save Fahad.

I didnt finish yet your role is really important our readers, help spread the word by twitter, Facebook, BBM, Whatapp or any other social network you use.

If you know anyone interested in sponsoring Fahad’s operation please contact our dear friend Q8Rain by email q8rain@gmail.com.

Special Thanks to Danderma & Q8Rain for spreading the word

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Dec 01 2011

Event: International Day of Persons with Disabilities

by Abdul-Aziz in Community, Events

Event: International Day of Persons with Disabilities

During this weekend the Training Gate  Organization is hosting & organizing this event in Kuwait. The annual observance of the International Day of Persons with Disabilities on 3 December was established by the International Year for Disabled Persons (1981). The Day aims to promote a better understanding of disability issues with a focus on the rights of persons with disabilities and gains to be derived from the integration of persons with disabilities in every aspect of the political, social, economic and cultural life of their communities.

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