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Dec 24 2012

Kuwait’s Health Awareness is Awesome

by Abdul-Aziz in Community, Events, Fashion, Food, Health

girl weighing food Kuwaits Health Awareness is Awesome

People actually started to ask, read & count !!! seeing all this happening lately i’m really impressed with the level of awareness that we have reached.

In the old days, if i stood in our local co-op reading the back batch of a product i could easily attract gazing eyes, some help to find the expiry date!! or even an old lady “al7mdela wel sheker” humming on my back.

I could easily spot this enhancement on awareness during Diet’s Care last week event (health & Fashion). the hall was FULL! no place to set & people are actually listening carefully to the presentations knowing and appreciating how much knowledge they can walk away with at the end of the lectures.

Diet care Kuwaits Health Awareness is Awesome

Diet Care is actually doing a great job paying back for the society with all those free awareness events & video’s on their youtube channel.


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Jan 13 2012

Are you on a Diet??

by Abdul-Aziz in Low-Fat

Are you on a Diet??

will smith Are you on a Diet??

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Jan 11 2012

Smart Shopping Tips

by Mohd in Food, Health

Smart Shopping Tips

Screen shot 2012 01 11 at 1.06.32 PM e1326276714671 619x325 Smart Shopping Tips

Most of us just buy stuff from the supermarket without knowing whether if its good for us or not.

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