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Feb 02 2013

Blackberry 10 Launch Event Dubai

by Mohd in Kuwait, Technology

The giant has awaken, finally after the long long wait for the latest OS from blackberry have been revealed on Jan 30th. BB10  the new competitor in the smart mobile market will try to dominate the market as it predecessor did few years ago. I got an invitation from Blackberry ( formally known as RIM ) to attend the launch of Blackberry 10 in Dubai. The international launch of Blackberry 10 was in 6 different countries around the world through a video live feed all in the same time & Dubai was the middle east’s city of choice. The event started in Armani Hotel with Robert Bose the managing director for the middle east welcoming us and introducing Thorsten Heins Blackberry’s CEO to reveal Blackberry 10 to us.

Of course most of you have been following my live event update through twitter, Instagram &  Tumblr  and im gonna go through the most things and more details are coming up in another BB10 review post.

Now lets get back to the main attraction the Blackberry 10, Mr.Heins first announced that RIM have renamed themselves to become BLACKBERRY, then he revealed the new Re-designed, Re-engineered and Re-invented and i must add Revolutionary Blackberry Z10 ( An all touch screen handset ) & Blackberry Q10  ( The legendary keyboard form-factor handset Blackberry famous for).

First we got introduced to the main feature that all Blackberry 10 users gonna be using which is the Blackberry Hub, it gathers all the emails, BBM, SMS, Twitter, Facebook, Calendar events in one place to maximize the user productivity. Gathering all the notifications in one place and woking all the time in the background to keep the user updated and undistracted by having to check one place which is the Blackberry Hub  rather than having to check multiple apps.

Now BBM users can contact each other using video calls & of course voice calls which got introduced in Blackberry OS7. Adding to the BBM video call a screen share option in my opinion is gonna be so useful for some of us and Im so positive that Ill end up using it especially when guiding someone to what they should do to achieve a certain task on their device.

Blackberry 10 is launching with over 70,000 application and its a huge number of apps for a new OS considering the fact that it just launched while in compare with Windows Mobile 8 that launched lat year with only 20,000 apps so 70,000 is a great number to start up with and keep you moving. Another important features that was announced is the Camera which is an 8 MP with a Time shift that enables you to catch that perfect moment before the person closes his eyes or the right moment when he/she is smiling. check the video below to get an idea about it.


The surprise of the event was that Blackberry made Alicia Keys Global Creative Director for Blackberry of course Alicia Keys were a blackberry user for many years.

Many new features have been announced but i wont go into the details of each of coz thats another post you would have to wait for 😉  but i cant end a post without mentioning the new Blackberry keyboard with an awesome prediction and the ability to learn your own words as you type. At the end of the video live feed we headed out to try Blackberry Z10 device that was available for us. I compared it with the Galaxy S3 & iPhone 5 sizes on the images down below (Of course special thanks for PinkGirlQ8 for the pics ) the Z10 feels really great in the hand not so big neither small with the perfect weight of 138 Grams which adds a premium feel to it.


Now for the main question most of our readers are asking is when its gonna be available and how much would it cost?

Its gonna be available in UAE starting Feb 10th and of course in kuwait by mid or end of Feb. The exact Z10 price for Kuwait was not revealed but its going to be between 180-200 KD Black or white.

As for the Q10 is gonna be available in the second quarter (No exact date was revealed also).



Special Thanks to Blackberry for the invitation & Bensirri for organising everything in Kuwait

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Jul 09 2012

Kim Kardashian Go Away

Every social network  have been buzzing with tweets and posts about Kim coming to Kuwait. Am i the only one who doesnt understand why the hell people like Kim other than her big fat *** !!!


Her Big Fat A** is the only thing she is proud of and actually famous for. Before you start attacking me just take a minute to think what made Kim famous, is it her acting skills ? Is it her angelic voice ? Is it her intelligent mind ?

Steve Carell disapprove gif
Absolutely nothing other than the fact that she is the spoiled daughter of a billionaire that wanted to force her self into showbiz and become famous.

Rumor has it that she is coming to the opening of  Millions Of  Milkshakes in the avenues just like she did few months ago in Dubai and by the way for those of you who didnt try Millions Of Milkshakes in Dubai you gotta trust me when i tell you thats its totally worth missing.

Am i the only one who thinks that Kim Kardashian is a fat female who just wanna force people to think she is beautiful  by shaking her big fat ***? 

Tweet pic via friedjunk 

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Feb 16 2012

The Cheesecake Factory Coming to Dubai

by Abdul-Aziz in Food, News

The Cheesecake Factory Coming to Dubai

It was just confirmed earlier last month that Alshaya and The Cheesecake Factory have signed an agreement to bring the brand to the Middle East. According to the pic, the first branch is soon to be opened in Dubai Mall next to Candillicious

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Oct 31 2011

Armani Hotel Dubai

by Abdul-Aziz in Travel

Armani Hotel Dubai

Our friend Ali (Bo 3bdalah) had an unforgettable experience (in his words) at the ARMANI hotel-Dubai during last weekend & he sent us those photos along with his review:

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Oct 24 2011

GITEX 2011

by Q8 Blend Family in Events, Exhibitions, Technology

GITEX 2011

2 weeks ago i flew with my buddy Aziz to Dubai to attend the GITX 2011, for me it a trip to wonderland with all the technology surrounding u, ginat company names that we use their products all gathered in one place to show us their muscles and prototypes to amaze us & compete against each others.

So many companies and gadgets to review i actually could not think straight with the tech around me i was living in a dream i didnt wanna wake up from. Sorry for the lack of photos coz we had such an amazing time as for myself i could not think of anything other than trying to go to every booth and see their gadgets and tech solution so if u dont like the pics blame Aziz 😛

Its basically impossible to cover all of GITX in one post but ill share with u some of the high lights and things most people will be interested in. Lets start with RIM ( BlackBerry manufacturers) the main high light in their booth is the PlayBook. Its my frist hands on the 7″ tablet by RIM and actually i was so surprised from the responsiveness of the screen unlike the Bold 9900 so responsive i felt im using an iPad. I wont deny i fell in love with it, first coz of its size, the best size to carry around unlike the iPad ( I hate carrying my iPad around especially when im in a shopping mall) other than the size i have mentioned the screen responsivness and ill say it again SOoOoOoOo RESPONSIVE even more than the Motorola Xoom & Galaxy Tab 🙂

I opened so many apps in the same time trying to see how many apps can it handle all opened in the same time and actually i failed to make it crash or lag even when multitasking no delay whats so ever. As for the browser its not like ur BlackBerry browser, fonts and pics loads up pretty quick and so refined compared to Safari on iOS devices almost the same  & also no flash support.

The BlackBerry PlayBook only comes in a wifi version & if u need to tether it u must own a BlackBerry so u may also use ur BBM on it

If u dont own a BlackBerry and wanted to get the PlayBook they had an offer u wont resist or dream of 16 GB PlayBook + BlackBerry Curve all for a small price of 1799 AED = 135 KD which i believe is an awesome price for such a Tablet.

By the way the same tablet will be getting a software update by RIM so u can also download and install Android Apps on it, the best of both worlds. I would have got one although i own an iPad 2 but 2 tablets in the same time i will feel guilty using one and not the other.

CaseMate the famous Mobile covers manufacturers were displaying their newest Headphones. Their design and style rocks with great sound quality but i wont think of one unless its much cheaper than Boss, Sennheiser & Skull Candy headphone. I wont mention Beats by Dr Dre coz they r so over priced with a medium sound quality only a HABBAA.

LooooooL Nokia trying so hard to compete but actually nothing worth seeing their.

Now lets go to Microsoft, i was shocked to know that they didnt bring windows 7 with them to GITX only office updates and the Microsoft surface which is getting pretty old & not so responsive as u may think. Its microsoft if u dont experience a lag or an error then u r not using it correctly 😛 sorry windows but u r falling hard and i cant see u improving.

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Oct 15 2011

Competition: The Infiniti PitStop Challenge

by Abdul-Aziz in Cars, Competition

Competition: The Infiniti PitStop Challenge


Dubai, United Arab Emirates (11, October, 2011)Infiniti, the luxury automotive performance brand from Japan, today unveiled details of the ‘Infiniti Pitstop Challenge’ – an exciting competition offering customers and fans the chance to win a once-in-a-lifetime prize to the 2011 Formula 1™ Etihad Airways Abu Dhabi Grand Prix, including the chance to walk along the pit lane and take a tour of Red Bull Racing’s highly-exclusive pit garage. The competition will take place at four different venues, the first being Jumeirah Beach Residences, from 19th October to 22nd October. The announcement was made by Jüergen Schmitz, recently-appointed General Manager for Infiniti Middle East.

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Oct 14 2011

Kim Kardashian Making Milk Shakes @ Millions of Milkshakes Today

by Abdul-Aziz in Ads, Bla Bla Bla, Celebrities

Kim Kardashian Making Milk Shakes @ Millions of Milkshakes Today

Dear Kim Kardashian Fans, are you in Dubai now or you just missed it? 😛 as recent as yesterday we were in Dubai for another purpose NOT to see how Kim is good in making Milkshakes 😛 i spotted this ad about Kim making the first Shake in Dubai Mall store, well all i can say that this is a BIG FAT lie

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