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Mar 19 2012

The Fabergé Big Egg Hunt

by MiMi in Art, Competition, Travel

While we were getting around in London, we noticed many artistic eggs distributed all over many places.. at first we thought it’s just a preparation for Easter, then we realized the metal plate below each egg which explained everything..

The story is that there are 209 eggs hidden across 12 Egg Zones across central London.. and in the competition’s website they have the maps of those 12 zones where you can use them to hunt and find all the 209 eggs..

 The first, second and third eggs we found them in Covent Garden

 This one was in Selfridges

These are in St. James’s Park

 This one is in Carnaby Street

 And this was also in Covent Garden

Whoever enters the competition might win The Diamond Jubilee Egg valued at over £100,000 by simply texting the keyword when they find an egg!

So what do you think.. should we participate? 😉

What Do You Think ?

Jan 01 2012

Review: Sunny Side UP

by Abdul-Aziz in Food, Kuwait

Review: Sunny Side UP

Earlier this weekend we were invited to try out the new restaurant Sunny Side Up dishes, we know that the menu was contributed by Adla Al-sharhan which made us more curious to try it out.

Although they had a warm cozy inside seating we decided to sit outside since the weather was perfect & they got Heaters and blankets in case we felt cold. 

What Do You Think ?

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