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Mar 17 2012

Not Mawaheb

by Mohd in Art, Events

Last Thursday we got invited to attend Mawaheb’s exhibition in the Avenues. Just a quick recap if you dont know what im talking about, “Mawaheb” was created and organized by SACGC to provide a platform for more than 15 of the top Kuwaiti photographers, artists and musicians an opportunity to showcase their talent directly to the community through unique, signature performances, displays, and presentations.

There is nothing more awesome than meeting talented Kuwaitis who will help in building our lovely Kuwait. Usually i dont like attending events on the weekend coz  its the only time for me to relax, unbind & hangout with friends but this event was different i couldnt miss out meeting those Talents & maybe just help with this simple post to spread the word & motivate them. Before i start talking about them i would like emphasize it really delighted my heart meeting all of them & no word can describe how much those youngsters are talented so without further due lets start.

Albdulrahman Alostath a talented photographer who participated in many competitions & won some just look at his photos & surly it will amaze you.

Another photographer is Latifa AlMadwah who actually stunned me with her photos & most of them have not been touched by photoshop, pure & raw pics but amazing.

I’ll call him the Mask maker, a talented artisted & painter who took an unusual path in showing his artistic side. Painting on masks & bringing each one into life i would just say Awesooooooooooooome 🙂

Dont let her fool you with her smile & young age Luwla AlKattaf is a extra…(wait for it )…ordinary  photographer 🙂 (quoting someone :p ). Started only when she was 14 with a digital camera & after that walk her way to professional ones. She is only 18 now (AL3mor kelah inshallah) but her work is way beyond her age i predict a really bright future for her now you just see her showing her talent but soon her work will be international.

The guy is amazing playing music like a real pro & that really shows how the special needs can do more than normal ones.

Unfortunately i forgot his name but his work is unforgettable, engraving his art on wood WoW only a real artist have the courage to do such thing coz a simple wrong move can ruin everything but (Mashallah 3leh) he knows what he is doing & he is doing it right.

Of course Mubarak Ismaeel from HiKuwait i just have to take a pic for him in each post :p

This guy is simply amazing his comic work is out of this world really each time i meet a talented comic artist i remember the 99 comic which was a disappointment (click HERE to read my previous post about them) . This kind of talent should be enouraged & supported more to show the world what we can achieve in the entertainment & cartooning.

I can not categorize her work in one field i can only say she is a multi-talent designer. She paints, designs graphics & short animated clips. No matter how hard i can describe her work you would have to see it for your own eyes to see her awesomeness, the way she designs her work is beyond amazing i would have loved to show you her short animation clip or her paintings but she will need a separate post just to show her great work.

Basma AlSaeed the young talented princess in the event, she paints & makes small figures. She is blind but she makes eye candy for us to enjoy, her disability didnt stop her showing us that there is always light even in the darkest places. I have to say it & in capital AWWWESOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOME 🙂

They are not just Mawaheb they are way beyond that & Mawaheb (Talents) is a really small name that doesn do them justice & this is why i titled my post that way coz i couldnt find a word to describe their great work you gotta visit them to believe it.

Finally Q8 Blend would like to wish all of those who participated in Mawaheb the best of luck & we hope that we see them achieve their dreams & ambition.

Special Thanks to BenSirri for the invitation & their organisation.


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Feb 22 2012

Starbucks Card

by Mohd in Events, Food

Starbucks Card

One of my favorite coffee shops in the world StarBucks is releasing their new StarBucks card that allows you to access their free wifi service, yes its free finally you can enjoy your coffee while browsing the net for free 😉

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Feb 21 2012

هنا الكويت

by Mohd in Ads

هنا الكويت

عندما يحل الأمل محل الألم

هو شعار الدعاية الوطنية ”هنا الكويت” التي تبدأ بفجر جديد يطل على الكويت الحبيبة في شتى قطاعاتها و معالمها وبسواعد أبناءها ليعلوا بها في أعلى القمم

إخراج: فيصل الجسار
إنتاج: سينيماجيك

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Jan 22 2012

RIM Rocking Q8

by Mohd in Events, Technology

RIM Rocking Q8

Last Wednesday we got invited by RIM to preview their newest update which by the way hot fresh from CES 2012. The updates are for the PlayBook 2.0 & OS7.1 which is the software for all ur blackberry devices. Lets start with OS7.1 which i personally tested it on my device, the most important thing about it in my personal opinion is the NFC ( Near Field Communication) is now enabled. Ill simplify what NFC with a simple example, in case you wanna send someone a file or contact simply tap the 2 devices & a secure connection is gonna establish to transfer the desired file or contact info, it might seem so simple now but think of what this kind of technology holds into the future, one thing i have in mind & its coming  its NFC payment. Instead of pulling ur K-net or visa off your wallet just touch the shop’s NFC sensor & it will deduct from your bank account. BlackBerry devices are the first mobile devices to have such a capability although Android device have been planning to release NFC but they didnt release it yet GO RIM 😉 .Another simple yet an important update feature is a hotspot capability ( Turn your Blackberry into a wifi router).

Now for the PlayBook the 2.0 update brings built in Email & Calender but thats not the big news 😉 the BIG news that i mentioned long ago when i was at GITEX that Android Apps are now supported on the PlayBook & you can download your favorite Android apps directly from App World. I reviewed the Playbook before & i still hold my opinion about it the tablet is so stable & responsive the only problem it was suffering from is the lack of apps but now RIM solved it in a really smart move, rather than competing with Android they are collaborating with them. RIM is considered one of the giants in the mobile industry although alot of the market share is going to Apple still RIM is fighting back especially when they decided to implement the Android market into their OS & with their upcoming BBX software by the end of the 2012.

Even if you are not a BlackBerry lover you have to know that RIM is the only mobile company to organize such an event exclusively for their middle east customers especially after CES 2012. Some may argue that Apple & Samsung are dominating the market if you look closer to market share statistics you will definitely find RIM there fighting their way between them & i think they are the only company who can coz they have always been their even before Apple & Samsung. In the tablet market no one can deny that the playbook is a great tablet although some features didnt exist but still its RIM’s first tablet & they have add all the features that their customer demanded & soon i believe they are gonna release a 3G version.



Finally i would like to thank Mr. Mohammed Almfleh (Director of Product Management for RIM middle east) for answering all of my question & his awesome presentation.


BTW Thanks for the lovely gift a goodies bag with the BlackBerry 🙂


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Dec 31 2011

Happy New Year 2012

by Q8 Blend Family in Events

Happy New Year 2012

Q8Blend family Wishes you a happy new year filled with hopes, joys and happiness

Happy New Year!


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Dec 28 2011

Sultan Center Event WINNER

by Abdul-Aziz in Competition, Events, Exhibitions

Sultan Center Event WINNER

Congratulation to SugarestQ8 you will be participating in the “Kas5a” expo & will get a free complementary training in the Sultan Center retail academy, Good luck to SugarestQ8 in the expo & hard luck to the other participants.

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Dec 27 2011

Contest: VOTE for a Small Local Business

by Abdul-Aziz in Competition, Events, Exhibitions, Food

Contest: VOTE for a Small Local Business

Sultan Center is organizing the “Kash5a” exhibition in Sultan Sharq on 19 to 21 January & giving a chance to one of the small businesses that we posted about to participate in the exhibition & to get a free retail training from their retail academy, we have nominated 3 local businesses of different specialities for your VOTING

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