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Feb 14 2013

BlackBerry 10 Kuwait Launch Sahara event

by Mohd in Uncategorized


Last Wednesday we got invited to Blackberry 10 official launch in Kuwait. Since i mentioned Blackberry you probably would guess that its an awesome event & no matter how hard i could try to describe how great that event was words may fail me to truly describe it. The event was hosted in Sahara as i mentioned in an open Golf field, the weather was cold but perfect for this time of the year especially coz i enjoy cold the weather 🙂


Bloggers, celeberties, social media teams & the national Football team were all there, surrounded by Blackberrys Z10 device to get their hands on and get a feeling of this great new device and get to know the new software. Of course Mo6ref El-Mo6ref & Abdulsalam Mohammed performed some of their amazing songs live making all attendees wanna dance but actually no one did :p

The Z10 is a remarkable mobile computing device and Ive been using it since the day i attended the Dubai launch event, ive been really pushing it to the limits and it keeps amazing me but thats another post of course.

Finally we would like to Thank Blackberry & Bensirri for the invitation and the true amazing event & such great events are always expected from both.

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Dec 30 2012

Best Of 2012

by Mohd in Bla Bla Bla, Blog

Best of 2012

We are approaching the end of 2012 and I wanted to do a post about the best of 2012 but after thinking of all the good gadgets & products that were revealed this year I couldn’t fit all the things in one post, so i came into the conclusion of making a series of posts highlighting the best of each category or at least what i think may interest you. The list is gonna be based mainly of my personal opinion & experience not copied from Mashable or Engadget or even LifeHacker.

All in all at the end of this year I would just like to thank all of our readers for the support and wish that 2013 brings you more success, prosperity & happiness

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May 16 2012

Cheer For Real Madrid & Ignore Our Disappointing Team

by Mohd in Kuwait, Sport

Im not gonna go into alot of details on why and how our beloved team could win against Real Madrid but im just gonna be realistic and although im not a big fan of Real Madrid but im gonna cheer for Real coz ive been so disappointed from our AZRAG.


Our dear friend Ali Mubarak has a video discussing the same issue and i have to agree on all the points he made.


Dont forget to subscribe for his channel for his upcoming episodes HERE 




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Apr 02 2012

Autism Day

by Mohd in Kuwait, News


April the 2 nd is the world Autism day & to help spread the word & celebrate with our autistic friends here is a brief summary of Kuwait Center for Autism (KCA). To celebrate this day we decided to put the autism ribbon on our blog.

About KCA

Kuwait Center for Autism (KCA) a non-profit charity organization established in 1994 by Dr. Samira Al-Saad aims to relieve the country’s shortage in Educational Training, Diagnosis and Treatment of children with autism and strengthening all the amenities needed for these children.
Autism Day
Gulf Autism Union established by Dr. Samira Al-Saad in 1994 celebrates the International Autism Awareness Day on April 2nd 2012 by conducting different activities throughout the Gulf countries to highlight the understanding of ‘AUTISM’ for the better future of all children and adults with autism.


Follow KCA on Twitter  & FaceBook and reach out for your autistic brothers & sisters.

Special Thanks to our friends Alnoury & PinkGirlQ8 🙂

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Mar 11 2012


by Mohd in Events, Kuwait


Last Tuesday we were invited to attend the Proud To Be Kuwiti exhibition (P2BK), first of all i would like to just say im really happy that the number of cup cakes boothes are much much less this year :p most of Kuwaiti participating this year are real project we can really say we are proud of such talents that exists in our lovely K-Town. Of course not all the project can be mentioned in one post or even 10 posts you would have to visit for your self, im gonna dedicate separate posts for some projects & business later.

I have to get this out of my system first although the cup cakes boothes are in a separate areas now but still some projects are really shocking & doesnt deserve to be in the exhibition, some are just showing International brands & claiming they can order it for you for the same price, hmmmmmmmm ok can some one explain where is the kuwaiti part in these things !!!!!!!!

one of those had Lebanese workers in it not even a single kuwaiti person was present in that booth i wont say which one but i will just say Babble bottles proudly made in USA  :p

whats the difference between them, Aramex & ASK (Sultan service) !!!!!

But those projects are just a few to be fair. Now lets start with the really good stuff made by kuwaiti hands 😉

Shaikha is a talented artist praticipating to show her paintings not aiming at any profit or business just wanna show her paintings and really they are awesome for someone her age, she is the young one of the left & her big sister is just there to support her.

Fa6oma’s Diary is a local comic stip that discusses the kuwaiti family daily life, really worth reading coz it will definitely lol u :p  

Ali Mubarak & Mubarak ismael (Hi Kuwait) with Dear& Deer owner 

Met those 2 kuwaiti talented artists & really was amazed with their comic work, they write, draw & animate their own comic series e7m e7m unlike other  *cough cough * Link . Those guys really deserve to be financed & supported, even their animated series is awesome really i wish them best of luck.

I never knew that we had a kite team here in K-Town plus they have a Guinness record WOW just look at those kite MASSIVE, awesome work guys 🙂

Nothing like miniature designs of old kuwait to start your heart beating as i walked into this booth i really felt that i was going back in time to old kuwait everything & ever detail was taken care of nothing got missed, didnt wanna go back to the present but i have too. Awesome work guys really made me speechless.

Ok now those guys if u met them in the exhibition you really wont forget them.Lens Studio consists of 2 talented photography artists you can see some of their work above & their pic below. The offer photography classes for a really cheap price their photos are amazing really out of this world i even got some free photography tips from them 🙂

Dishdasha Express tailoring service brought to you in the comfort of your home nice idea.

2 designers who can design your business logo or any simple thing you desire simple yet nice idea girls 🙂

I would love to end this post with these 2 old guys working on traditional things


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Feb 12 2012

The 99 Disappointments

by Mohd in Events, Movies

The 99 Disappointments

Last week we got invited to view the premiere of The 99 animation movie. The 99 is the first kuwaiti super hero comic series & now it comes to the big screen to capture you mind. Comics & cartons have the power to captivate adolescent minds like no other form of media out there & often shape children’s view of the world very subtly, no matter how old you get you can not resist watching cartoons or getting your hands on one of the comic’smagazines.

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Dec 04 2011

Special Need’s International Day

by Mohd in Events, Kuwait

Special Need’s International Day
To celebrate this international day a 2 day event were held last Friday & Saturday in discovery mall. Really loved the idea of gathering all the special needs families in one place to know each others & talk about their achievements & awakens us about our fellow special needs. So many activities were held through the 2 day event. I only have one thing I really didnt like which is the name of the event which should be special needs persons NOT persons with disabilities.

We had an invitation for the event but we only went on Saturday which is the day of the exhibition & the ending ceremony. What I really noticed and loved is the way I saw special needs people smiling and enjoying them selves with their families & from those smiles I knew that the event is a success. Finally we would like to wish the special needs best of luck 🙂 



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