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Apr 29 2013

TAP The Web App

by Mohd in Internet, Kuwait, Technology

How do you usually pay your mobile bills & Network’s provider subscribtions  ?

Do you waste your time going through different websites just to find a certain product & compare each one ?

Do you own a small business & couldn’t find an online payment method suitable for your customers ?

Im glad to announce that a new era for mobile payment has arrived. A new way to get away from all the annoyance mentioned above. We live in a mobile world where more than 35% of our time (according to some study) is spent using our mobiles & PCs and one of the most annoying things to do is sell & buy stuff online mainly because most of the local services don’t provide online payment through their websites, or if the do some are not user or mobile friendly, well thats all gonna change with TAP.

Last week we had a chance to meet Ali Abu-Alhasan One of the master minds behind  Tap, to get a preview of this new service that I believe gonna be a big hit in Kuwait. Aziz & I burned Ali with our questions and concerns & he answered all our question professionally & honesty. We are really proud of those awesome Kuwaiti developers behind Tap.

Tap is a web app that enables you to buy, pay your bills and sell your products/services online without the need to go to the official website of the seller. Whats really interesting about Tap is the ability to create your business/personal profile and start selling your products within minutes without the need to worry about security, all small businesses gonna benefit from this service and you the cunsumer are the beneficiary, paying your bills, subscriptions, buying stuff and browsing through various products while enjoying your coffee or being in your comfort zone.

Check the demo above and be amazed.

Tap is basically a web app which is much better in my personal opinion than a mobile app, you just log into it from you browser no matter what mobile you are using (iphone, Android, Blackberry) and thats the main advantage of a web app, just open your browser and you are browsing through an app-like interface. Tap will official launch on May 6th but the site is live now for you to preview.

For more information on Tap, visit gotapnow.com or visit the following social media channels:

Instagram: @gotapnow

Twitter: @gotapnow

Facebook: @gotapnow




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Jun 30 2012

Staying Anonymous

by Abdul-Aziz in Photography

Today, just about everyone has a cellphone that functions as a camera. People are eager to photograph every moment and stay connected through images which can conveniently be shared through social networking platforms like Facebook, Twitter, and Instagram. Documenting and memorializing life has never been easier! While connecting with each other is simple, anonymity is scarce.

Photographer Poklong Anading plays with the idea of capturing life without exposing facial identity in his appropriately titled photo series Anonymity. Each image in the series presents a subject with a radiating white flash of light blocking out his/her face. It looks like a point-of-view shot, as though the subjects are photographing the photographer, but they are in fact holding up mirrors, reflecting blinding beams of light.

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Mar 27 2012


by Mohd in Technology, Tips

The next big thing that have been swapping the the net & everyone is either talking about or became addicted to. Personally I believe that it’s not just a temporary hip, it’s gonna grow more and more strong & will compete with Google+, twitter and Facebook.

The idea behind the site is pretty simple hence the name states you just Pin what you find interesting & wanna share with friends or the whole wide world either a pic or just a video. Other users can like, comment or even RePin it to their profile (Share it with their friends).

The idea might seem familiar ehhhhhm google+ :p but they are doing it in a more stylish way than Google did. At a first glance you might not understand how it works but as soon as you start sharing you will get the hang of it. What’s really cool is the book mark they have which enables you to just share what you are browsing (pic, video, site) so easily without any kind of frustrating steps. In the begining pinterest was just a way to collect and save you site book marks in a stylish way but it evolved to become a sharing tool. To know more about how to use it wach the 2 videos below & follow us on pinterest if you have an account by clicking the Follow Me icon below or on the right side.

Follow Me on Pinterest

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Mar 22 2012

BEST Kuwait’s 1st 3D Gaming Competition

by Abdul-Aziz in Ads, Competition, Games


This is a shout out to all the COD-MW3 hardcore players in town. BEST Kuwait is holding a weekly series of PS3 gaming competitions in 3D, The winners will walk away with a 3D & LCD TV’s. You can get more information & register by visiting their Facebook page [Here]


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Feb 22 2012

Starbucks Card

by Mohd in Events, Food

Starbucks Card

One of my favorite coffee shops in the world StarBucks is releasing their new StarBucks card that allows you to access their free wifi service, yes its free finally you can enjoy your coffee while browsing the net for free 😉

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Feb 05 2012

Save Fahad

by Q8 Blend Family in Health, Kuwait

Save Fahad

Life is not always about ambition & success, what really matters in life is our ability to help & give. From a religious point of view or even from humanity one, no matter how you look at it giving is the number one vertue we all should have. Fahad the cute baby in the pic above needs a bone marrow transplant coz he is suffering from leukemia ( Allah Yshafeeh ), non of his family members are a match to donate to him. A matched donor was found in India but inorder to have the operation he needs 37,000 KD so we are calling out for a sponsor either a company or a kind heart person to help save Fahad.

I didnt finish yet your role is really important our readers, help spread the word by twitter, Facebook, BBM, Whatapp or any other social network you use.

If you know anyone interested in sponsoring Fahad’s operation please contact our dear friend Q8Rain by email q8rain@gmail.com.

Special Thanks to Danderma & Q8Rain for spreading the word

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Oct 01 2011

Facebook Going Down!! 5.11.2011

by Abdul-Aziz in Internet

Facebook Going Down!! 5.11.2011

Dear Facebook, Bye Bye …

The hacktivist group Anonymous has issued a YouTube video in English, Spanish and German announcing plans to destroy the world’s biggest social network, Facebook.
The hackers offer anyone concerned with the spread of personal information on the web to join the cause and “kill Facebook for the sake of your own privacy” in the action that “will go down in history,” setting the date for November 5, 2011.

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