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Apr 30 2013

قانون المخالفات المرورية الجديد “FAKE”

by Abdul-Aziz in Info, Kuwait, News

I don’t really see to where this country is going! “People” we’ve become Dumb, dependent & so annoying. YES the picture that were spreading yesterday about the new traffic laws is FAKE, note point #7 a “JORDANIAN Car” so someone with a below basic english language “he thought the word Jordanian is a verb.” & a lot of free time edited the picture &  swapped the currency and all.

An UGLY fact to highlight is that the host site of this picture is a STUPID, DULL & OUTDATED looks like “Official Governmental” site called ; Q8hosp.info, i actually don’t know which is more annoying that the fact they posted this fake news in the first place or that they still have it live on their site, exactly at the middle of this page –> Here

Technology is a bliss BUT not for everyone 

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Jun 10 2012

Fake Beats Headsets @mall360

by Mohd in Kuwait, News, Technology

Found these fake headsets by Dr.Beats in Geant in 360 mall at the first glance you might think they are original but after checking the price and the build quality you will discover the ugly truth, Fake yes FAKE.

I never thought that i would find such replicas in 36O mall, i have always hated 360 & thought of it as a cheap mall that is trying to build a reputation as a luxury mall.


The main question is how could you trust a mall that sells luxury brands ( although i believe the brands they have are not even worth window shopping in my opinion at least) could sell fake products in their basement ?

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Nov 15 2011

TOMS @ Al Nasser Sports!!

by MiMi in Fashion, Fun, Kuwait

TOMS @ Al Nasser Sports!!

After Crocs, UGGS and Melissa Jelly shoes… etc, now u can find a copy of TOMS shoes @ Al Nasser Sports 😀

wegoloon leq8 mafeeha shy 😉

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