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Apr 21 2013

What If Mario Worked for Nintendo Tech Support ??

by Abdul-Aziz in Bla Bla Bla, Celebrities, Games


Mario, of Super Mario Bros. was just a plumber , he ended up a hero. But fame don’t last more than a game time!

Look around you, we are surrounded by famous people here & there on different disciplines & majors. We “Kuwait” daily produce more celebrities than the oil barrels “a little Exaggeration”. Some do deserve the fame n some don’t, it’s a comparative judgment at the end of the day (for example: To me, Kim Kardashian do deserve it while Paris Hilton don’t) but this is just me & my opinion…. i know i know my example is not that relative to “our” so said celebrities but,,, it’s my post oo KAIFI! & i will illustrate more on the next post (Stay Tuned it would be Super troll post!)

What Do you Think?? enlighten me with more evil ideas folks!

What Do You Think ?

Jul 09 2012

Kim Kardashian Go Away

Every social network  have been buzzing with tweets and posts about Kim coming to Kuwait. Am i the only one who doesnt understand why the hell people like Kim other than her big fat *** !!!


Her Big Fat A** is the only thing she is proud of and actually famous for. Before you start attacking me just take a minute to think what made Kim famous, is it her acting skills ? Is it her angelic voice ? Is it her intelligent mind ?

Steve Carell disapprove gif
Absolutely nothing other than the fact that she is the spoiled daughter of a billionaire that wanted to force her self into showbiz and become famous.

Rumor has it that she is coming to the opening of  Millions Of  Milkshakes in the avenues just like she did few months ago in Dubai and by the way for those of you who didnt try Millions Of Milkshakes in Dubai you gotta trust me when i tell you thats its totally worth missing.

Am i the only one who thinks that Kim Kardashian is a fat female who just wanna force people to think she is beautiful  by shaking her big fat ***? 

Tweet pic via friedjunk 

What Do You Think ?

Jul 10 2011

Keenan Cahill

by Mohd in Fun

Keenan Cahill

20110707-084435.jpgThe new YouTube sensation who became famous for lip syncing famous songs. I discovered him by accident, later after searching i found out that he is just a kid that started making a YouTube while goofing off in his bed room & got 4 million hits. Keenan now is the sensation swiping off YouTube.

Several talk shows talked about him. What makes this kid so special is his simplicity and that’s what making everyone fall in love with him even 50 Cent made a YouTube with him.

I LoOoOoOoOoOoVe his face expressions when performing. Check him out and trust me u won’t stop laughing



The songs above r:

Asher – Dj got us in love again.
Kety Perry – teenage dream.

What Do You Think ?

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