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Aug 20 2013

SuperMario Vs. Packman “The Ultimate Fight”

by Abdul-Aziz in Low-Fat


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Apr 11 2012

Be Inspired Or Kill Yourself

by Mohd in Bla Bla Bla, Tips, Work

You just have to read this & if you are not in the mood to read just skip the whole thing and go directly to the video at the end, you will be inspired, motivated & it will difenatley make your day.

If you wanna read then dont expect im going to write the story about how this kid made his dream come true still you would have to watch the video at the end. Im gonna talk about how we loose hope, motivation and end living a meaningless life. I know its hard starting your own business here in K-Town ( unless you bring a useless international brand and sell its products for double the original price 😛 ) even if you just wanna prosper in your job and improve most likely you will be slammed to the ground when you see idiots with WAS6A getting all the benefits you dont have while they sleep at home or they end up getting promoted to be your boss.

Face it, those things gonna happen no matter where you work government, private or oil sectors its inevitable. I will not say HOPE for a better tomorrow coz it will NEVER come.

My humble advice is Keep doing whats right keep doing what really matter, support, improve & FIGHT.

Support what you think is the right thing

Fight the corruption

Improve your knowledge & learn from your experiences & mistakes.

Most of all Keep working & working & working. Dont let anyone demotivate you or tell you that you are gonna fail. even if the thought of failure came into your mind embrace you mistakes to learn from it ( more details click ———>HERE ).

Now its time to be inspired by Caine the young dreamer, watch the video


Video stolen from our dear friend Kaifan5 🙂


You also can visit Caine’s website HERE


incase you didnt get inspired yet & motivated to follow your dream & work harder you have 2 solutions, your either kill yourself  coz your wasting our oxygen or go kiss someone’s ass for WAS6A  😛

What Do You Think ?

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