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Dec 24 2012

Kuwait’s Health Awareness is Awesome

by Abdul-Aziz in Community, Events, Fashion, Food, Health

People actually started to ask, read & count !!! seeing all this happening lately i’m really impressed with the level of awareness that we have reached.

In the old days, if i stood in our local co-op reading the back batch of a product i could easily attract gazing eyes, some help to find the expiry date!! or even an old lady “al7mdela wel sheker” humming on my back.

I could easily spot this enhancement on awareness during Diet’s Care last week event (health & Fashion). the hall was FULL! no place to set & people are actually listening carefully to the presentations knowing and appreciating how much knowledge they can walk away with at the end of the lectures.

Diet Care is actually doing a great job paying back for the society with all those free awareness events & video’s on their youtube channel.


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Sep 15 2012

VIOKO Barcelona

by Abdul-Aziz in Food, Travel

So a friend of mine had recommended to visit this HAPPY HAPPY place while being in Port Vell Barcelona. All I could say is we are very pleasant that we did.

The Macarons


The Truffles



We ended buying something from everything … Everything was delicious
Hope we can have VIOKO one day at K-town


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Jul 31 2012

Do i Miss LONDON?

by Abdul-Aziz in Food, Travel

To be honest I don’t really know if I do or not. I hate certain aspects of London, like the number of people who just get in your way all the time”eyes rolling” specially Arabs with “agendas”. I hate the every year raising number of money biggers flying around the shopping stores, waiting for their next victim. But then I remembered the great sights, weather, memories & FOOD in London.

Who could resist London’s FOOD!

Byron’s Burgers

The Humming Bird Bakery

Signor Sassi 

Gourmet Burger’s Kitchen


Or maybe eating while strolling around the food market in Covent Garden on Thursdays & hunting Faberge Eggs afterwards

What about being in a world of CHOCOLATE!


 I have to be certain …. i think i missed you LONDON!

Declaimer : i know this post had diverted from it’s original idea due to me being FASTING “i can’t believe it’s 11th Ramadan already!”. But who in earth don’t like FOOD pics & posts, right?

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Jun 11 2012

اغلاق مخازن امريكانا

by Mohd in Kuwait, News


Via Froyonation

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Apr 01 2012

BYRON – Proper Hamburgers

by Abdul-Aziz in Food, Travel

Well well well, finally we got the chance to try out this well known gourmet Burgers place “BYRON”

while trying any new burger place i stick to the classic burger, i think tasting the burger naked “Meat” flavor can make you judge a burger better “am a meat lover indeed”

this branch is newly opened  in Soho, i liked how the building is whole glass, it feels like you are eating on the walkway & the sun can find it way to your table easily.

the seating area was nice & tidy

the menu is kinda basic & easy to browse; burgers, sides, salads & desserts

we had green olives while waiting for the Burgers. Nothing complimentary, those olives costs approximately 2 KD “london prices on fire, Baby” ;P

 The Burgers was well presented, holding up all together & the bun is soft and Fresh

thats the BYRON sauce to the side. It should be eaten with the burger but we ate it with the fries instead “seems like mayonaise based sauce”

the Apricot salad which was nice, only thing is the apricot is a little undercooked

Bottom line : it was nice but i preferred GBK over BYRON. Maybe it’s my taste buds whats defected these days, but all i could say is: it was “OK” ,,,  & in my dictionary OK means Maybe just MAYBE am going back for re-try

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Mar 26 2012

Gourmet Burger Kitchen (gbk) @ Westfield London

by MiMi in Food, Travel

When we first saw it.. their branch that was in the Avenues popped up in our heads immediately.. So we decided to have our lunch there since it’s no longer available in Kuwait..

Unlike how it was back home.. here you have to place your order on one of those cashiers

 They were opening the window shields to the walkway area.. which made the place more wider and refreshing 

Here’s a section where you could get as much as you want of peanuts, water with slice of lemon and mint and many other things

The laundry clip refers to your tables number 

And here it comes the classic burger.. it had a red sauce that’s close to tomato paste but with a sweet flavor close to the sweet relish.. which added a touch to the taste of the sandwich 🙂

We’re not big fans of cole slows and I don’t know why we ordered it.. but we liked it a lot 😀

The second one is a green salad.. nothing new 😛

Chunky Fries and Skinny Fries.. both were yummy

The staff were amazing.. we really had a good time there 🙂


Unit 1072

Westfield Shopping Centre

White City



Phone: 02087491246

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Mar 18 2012

Signor Sassi – London

by MiMi in Food, Travel

Most of people who have been to London passed by Signor Sassi.. One of the famous Italian restaurants there.. This is our second visit to it..
On my first visit I was expecting a fancy place according on the strong recommendation I’ve heard.. but when I stepped into the restaurant I was thinking mmm.. it’s just fine 😛 check out the place..

To be honest I can not recall what we ate on our first visit.. all what we remember that people overrated the place.. coz the food was nice nothing more.. nothing less.. and the decoration was old fashioned 😛

 I know u might ask why we went there again.. well that’s why:

Their welcoming OLIVES 😀

This is the most delicious olives I’ve ever tried.. the green olives doesn’t have a bitter taste at all 🙂

 The funny thing is that this is an Italian restaurant that doesn’t serve PIZZA!

So here’s what we had that day..

A Green Salad

 Bruschetta with basil and giant tomato.. they really needed to chop their tomatoes more

 Eggplant Parmigiana.. was outstanding 😀 definitely will have it again on my next visit

Penne Arrabiata.. Was yummy too

And that’s all.. if u wanna try it some day.. u need to place a call to reserve.. u’ll find them here:

Knightsbridge Green London

14 Knightsbridge Green


Tel: +44 (0) 20 7584 2277


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