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Jul 15 2012

Dedication To All Of My/Our Friends

by Mohd in friends, Music

Been getting many question about this song, so for all of you who have been wondering who sings it or the name of the song here you go its called Friends By Aura Dione.

Since the song is called Friends so i would like to dedicate it to all of our friends who we shared most of our ups and downs to read about some of them HERE & HERE, those are the only adventures documented  🙂 enjoy


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Mar 12 2012

Mohd Got Tagged

by Mohd in Fun

Mohd Got Tagged

Our friends WeLurk tagged me to answer those questions so here i goes:

1- what’s your car, year ?

I drive a 2005 Mercedes CLK.

2- favorite cereal ?

I dont eat cereal much but the one with the rooster image i would eat if i had too :p

3- do you think we will advance as a nation ?

NO WAY, we will keep falling more & more. Arab nations in general will never advance.

4- what would you buy with KD 1,000,000 ?

I would start my own business ( its a secret :p ) but it will be related to Tech of course, get married to 4 women from different nationalities :p ( Just kidding ). Live in the USA or Canada & buy houses in USA, Istanbul & Australia.

5- do you find 3bdl3azeez almsalm sexy ?

Weeeeeeeeeeeeee3 is the word, come on dude i totally hate him Untalented, boring person that thinks he is funny with his horror comedy plays.

6- would you consider having a tattoo ?

I actually had one for a while 🙂 temporary one of course & ill do it again if i can.

7- what would you do if you were a Member of the National Assembly? / na’eb bl majles

OMG so many things first i will put to jail all of those who are responsible for corruption & the way we got lost behind all other nations. Ban was6a of course ( its impossible but ill try) :p . Many things needs to be done & cant mention them all.

8- did you vote the last elections ?

Actually No coz no one deserved my vote.

9- Favorite food ?

Sea food in general

10- Favorite Actor ?

Male: Al Pacino

Female: julia roberts

11- we all have done this when we were kids, what did you steal from the jam3eya ?

Although i was so crazy as a child but i never did that 🙂


I Tag:




Lady B




The Side Talk

Q8 All in 1


Iyaa Blog

& my 11 Questions are:

1- Name one thing you are addicted to ( Hope its not drugs :p) ?
2- What would you take with you if you were gonna live on a deserted island for 1 year (5 things only dont include food & clothes ) ?
3- What do you usually do in your weekend to have fun ?
4-  Name one thing you really enjoy doing ( other than blogging) ?
5- If you have 2 wishes what would you wish for ( plz dont say world peace its not a beauty pagan :P )  ?
6- Do you own a pet & if you dont what kind of pet would you get ?
7- Whats your astrological sign ?
8-  Name one thing you can not & will never understand about the opposite gender ?
9- Favorite Singer/band & song ?
10- What is the most embarrassing situation you have faced ? :P
11- Favorite Tech gadget or electronic device ?




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Feb 09 2012

#ThankYou @LadyB_Q8

by Abdul-Aziz in Blog, Competition, friends

#ThankYou @LadyB_Q8

Our dear fellow Blogger LadyB had made a first year blogversary giveaway & guess what i WON “i hv wa96a at Random.com by the way 😛

it’s a cool (ذ) T-shirt, a yummy strawberry chocolates from the Confectioners & cute flowers

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Jul 30 2011

The Blend’s Blogroll .. Updated

by Q8 Blend Family in Blog, friends

The Blend’s Blogroll .. Updated

Finally we got the time to update our blogroll “Friends” list, we are honored to introduce such a great addition to you. We enjoy strolling around blogrolls in blogs, it tells so much of the blogger’s personality, after all the selection of the blogs define the taste of the blogger him self. enjoy & explore our addition:

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