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Aug 13 2011

VIVA Bloggers Night

by Mohd in Events

VIVA Bloggers Night

Last Thursday viva invited us to their GHABGA & when VIVA says GHABGA u have to know that it wont be like any other GHABGA out there. They have invited many bloggers & bloggerettas for a night full of fun & surprises. The evening started with Mr Mohammad Yagoub VIVA’s representative welcoming all the guests and introducing Mike Embalta3 and Talal Al Yagout ( Marina FM Dewanya show) & since Mike & Talal r holding the mic u definitely know how people were laughing on their jokes.

Of course Mike engaged bloggers in simple games for a chance to win a Motorola Xoom & iPhone 4. The Motorola went to our friend Kuwaitiful who was in my table & the iPhone to Halloum one of the new blogs in K-Town who u must check out & i assure u r gonna enjoy her posts 😉


At the end of the evening VIVA would not let us go empty handed & they gave us our early GERGE3AN Android Style 😉

For more detailed and awesome coverage click 7ajidude for English & PinkGirlQ8 for Arabic

Thanks alot VIVA, Mohammad Ya3oub & May Al-Subai3e for the more than wonderful evening.


Pics r courtesy of PinkGirlQ8



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