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Dec 05 2012

Dont Miss Kuwait FM 103.7 Today

by Mohd in Ads, Kuwait, Sport

Our legendary 1982 football team is gonna be interviewed today at 1 pm. In case you dont know why the 1982 team was called legendary i wont tell you cause you gotta listen to the show to know :p

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Nov 12 2011

Fax Machines; the Immovable Business Bastard

by Abdul-Aziz in History, Technology, Work

Fax Machines; the Immovable Business Bastard

Sure fax machines were a great idea when they first became popular… in 1980!  But for some odd reason the good old facsimile is still floating around to this day in every business known to man.  I ask one simple question in the face of this technology.  Why do you still exist?  I mean really.  Why?  Facsimile is low quality, inefficient, unreliable, and time consuming.  There are plenty of alternative technologies that allow quick, efficient and effective means of sending contracts and content remotely.

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Jul 19 2011

Old Kuwait Moments part 2

by Abdul-Aziz in History, Kuwait

Old Kuwait Moments part 2
الشارع الجديد في الستينات

 هالمرة يايب لكم مجموعة من الصور لفترة الستينات ، طبعا استعنت بالوالد علشان يشرحلي كل صورة كانت  وين بالضبط

اغلب الصور كانت ملتقطة بشارع كان يسمى الشارع الجديد و اهوا الشارع اللي بدا عمران الكويت فيه ، كانت بداية العماير الطابقين من هالشارع

لاحظوا البساطه بالصور

Check Kuwait Moments part 1 here 

 مطعم السعاده في الشارع الجديد

ساحه الصفاه
محل الغربلي في شارع الغربلي بالسوق ، متخصص بليتات لوكس
نقل الماي من البركه الى البيوت
المستشفى الآميري القديم
كشته او رحله مدرسية

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Jul 16 2011

Mack the Knife – Robbie Williams

by Abdul-Aziz in Music

Mack the Knife – Robbie Williams

One of the best jaz songs ever, was recorded originally by Bobby Darin in 1959 & best performed here by Robbie Williams in the Royal Albert hall concert on 2001. read the amazing lyrics:

Oh, the shark, babe, has such teeth, dear
And it shows them pearly white
Just a jackknife has old MacHeath, babe
And he keeps it … ah … out of sight.

Ya know when that shark bites, with his teeth, babe
Scarlet billows start to spread
Fancy gloves, though, wears old MacHeath, babe
So there’s nevah, nevah a trace of red.

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