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Sep 25 2012

iPhone 5 The Stupidity Factor

It’s simply never ends. Everyone is talking, posting, tweeting and wishing for the iphone 5. First thing I have to mention that I’m not an Anti-Apple & I’m only discussing so logics, although I’m totally disappointed with the iPhone 5 not because I’m an Android Fan boy but simple coz Apple didn’t do anything revolutionary with iphone 5 only simple and expected upgrades any other manufacturer could have done the same thing with their previous model. Apple’s philosophy is all about revolutionizing current products coz they are Apple & that’s why we buy their products.

Let’s talk simple facts either if you own an iphone 4 or 4S. Maps,  LTE connectivity, Siri can now tell you sports results and of course Facebook integration just a bunch of useless features. Don’t waste your money especially if you already own an iPhone 4S. As of screen real estate its nothing worth paying 300+ KD for it.


Of course 300+ KD is only in Kuwait which is basically a damn rip off. People plz think for a minute or even 5 minutes if you are slow thinkers you can order it or wait for your mobile provider to get it for a maximum of 240 KD (16GB) that’s the price you could end up paying if you order it from UK.

I’ve mentioned it over & over again and I’ll say it again coz stupidity is a common disease here in K-town DONT SPEND 300 KD ON IT so you can be the first guy/girl among your friends & family to carry it. its not worth it to buy an iphone or a Galaxy S3 if your only using it for Whatsapp, Twitter & instagram.


If you really enjoy using an iPhone and you at least upgrading from an iPhone 4 and your not paying the 300 KD then go for it otherwise don’t be like the guy above.

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Sep 02 2012

Apple & Android Fan boys

by Mohd in Kuwait, Technology

Ever since Apple became famous to some due to their iphone people have been taking sides and claiming they chose the best mobile available in the market.

People plz stop fighting and wasting your time on an endless war.  A simple fact that we

all should acknowledge both iOS &  Android have their Pros & Cons and whatever suits your needs will be the best thing for you.

Many are carrying an iPhone &  just using it for Whatsapp, twitter & of course phone calls while infact they could be very happy holding any other mobile device.
Same thing goes for Android,  many were just racing to get their hands on the Galaxy S3 and they are not even using 1/4 of its potentials.  Some even don’t know that it’s an Android.

facepalm john stewart facepalm john stewart

To all the Fan boys out there plz before you start arguing that whatever brand is the best take a few days and use the counter product before you start bashing it.


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Jul 03 2012

Which Android Phone Should You Buy ?

by Mohd in Technology, Tips

Many are taking the Android plunge and shifting from their beloved iPhone and of course the first thing that pops into most people’s mind are the Galaxy S3 which in my opinion a great Android mobile but its not the only one out there and that is the beauty of Android, variety there is no one great phone for everyone each Android has its pros and cons and its up to you to choose the one that suits you best.

Also i got so fed up with people thinking that the only good mobile out there is the Galaxy S3 & 90% of people claiming this dont even know what Android is or even iOS is, its a the ugly truth but we all know that 70% of people carrying iPhones for the past 3 years only use Whatsapp, Twitter, Facebook and SMS and the worst of all that they didnt even have an Apple account on their iPhone, they just went to a mobile store and paid 5 KD to some guy to setup their phone for them (OMG I hate this type of people). Just a basic yet simple rule anyone should go with, if you dont know how to use something dont buy it & if you did then pleaaaaaaassssssssssseeeeeeeee spend some time to learn how it works, its all a trend here in K-Town ( its a waste of time trying to educate people ).

Now back to my main Android guide, if you are looking for a great Android mobile and you dont wanna spend alot of money then your first choice should be Samsung Galaxy S2, yes S2 not S3 continue reading to know why before you pass judgment. The Galaxy S2 is a dual core Android with a Super AMOLED PLUS display which is almost the same as the S3, thin profile, awesome camera and a good battery life, although it comes with Ginger Bread Android software still it is up-gradable to Ice Cream Sandwich (ICS). Its the best Android mobile that wont burn a hole in your wallet for the price of 140 KD maybe less but last time i checked ( few weeks ago). Also a great dual core is the htc One S thats comes with Ice Cream Sandwich and a great build quality.


Some users are more into rooting  and playing around with their Android software and really wanna put their hands on the newest Android 4.1 or experience the stock ICS. If you are one of those then your best choice is Samasung Galaxy Nexus, it has a Pen-Tile display which in my opinion is a good display but of course not as great as the Galaxy S2, S3 or even the iPhone retina display. 5 Megapixle camera, dual core and a good battery life all for the price of 150 KD or maybe less. So basically the Nexus is designed for the geeks among us 😉

The Galaxy Note or as some may call it phablet ( phone + tablet), the weirdest idea of a mobile device ever & in a strange way people just fell in love with. The Note is a dual core  but as we all know has the biggest display on the market till now. If you like a big display to work with & enjoy using a stylus then you can never go wrong with the Note. Also some use the Note as a secondary device carrying it around as a tablet due to its size of course. Price wise its a great deal for a 100 KD in some stores but if you are not in a hurry i would wait a bit before buying the Note coz Samsung is gonna announce the Galaxy Note 2 in the upcoming weeks ( dont say i didnt warn you :p ).

Now for the ones who want to hold a beast in their hands the Quad core Android phone both phone are sold for the same price a 190 KD, The Samsung Galaxy S3 ( of course every one know s that ) and the htc One X. A big awesome display 4.7 for the htc & 4.8 for the Samsung S3, both beats are hosting a 1 GB of RAM, battery wise both are the same dont worry about the 1800mAh or 2100 mAh you will end up charging it twice a day if you are a heavy to medium user. The main selling point for the Galaxy S3 is the expandable memory slot (16 GB builtin memory + memory slot) and the ability to switch the battery. The htc One X main selling point are Beats audio equalizer which comes built in for music lovers and the NVIDIA Tegra 3 processor which is dedicated to better gaming performance. The 2 beasts have an 8 Megapixle camera and an awesome display although different display technology yet both deliver great visuals.



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May 30 2012

iPhone 5 !!!

by Mohd in News, Technology

Could this be the new iPhone or the iPhone 5 !!!!

I really hope it’s not coz it’s looks so damn ugly and not revolutionary. Some leaked images surfaced last night for the famous 9To5Mac for more details and pics click HERE


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May 21 2012

Blackberry Porsche Design Review

by Mohd in Technology

Couple of weeks have passed since ive recieved my the P9981 Porsche Design device from RIM and many have been waiting for this review so here i go 🙂

First thing your gonna notice when you hold this piece of art into your hands is how awesome is the build quality is, nothing in the market can be compared to the P9981 build quality. When it comes to build quality the iPhone have been dominating it and im only talking about the build quality so dont mix things up. No matter if you are an Android fan or an iOS no one could deny that the iPhone build quality was the best in the market and although i tested so many devices before i couldnt find any device that has a good build quality till i got my hands on the Blackberry Porsche Design if you dont believe me just think of it in a logical way its designed by Porsche & RIM so you can imagine how it could feel in your hand.

The P9981 feels and looks like something that came out of a science fiction movie (Star Trek or Star Wars) and its an eye catcher no matter where you go its gonna be noticed even from non blackberry fans. Personally i love the aluminum body and the leather back which i really think is so practical when putting the device down on a table, unlike the Bold 9900 the leather back can really protect your Blackberry while maintaining its unique looks.

For the first couple of hours i wasnt comfortable with the keyboard and no one can disagree about how RIM is famous for its keyboards, blackberry keyboards are the most comfortable and practical keyboard you could ever use no matter which blackberry you’ve got RIM never compromise on their keyboards or touch screens. Later when my fingers got used to the keyboard i found it so comfortable and didnt disappoint me as i originally thought ( just a reminder i personaly use the Bold 9900) and surprisingly with the futuristic design of the P9981 its so comparable to the 9900 when it comes to comfort and fast typing capabilities i could even say that its a bit more comfortable to type on than the 9900.

Now for the specs which is by the way the same as the Bold 9900 with only one thing different that i personally couldnt explain, the light sensor. The light sensor is so responsive something that i couldnt explain. usually when i use my Bold 9900 the screen doesnt turn off in the right time so usually when im answering a call on my Bold 9900 i end up pressing the on-screen buttons as the speaker, and im not the only one who had this problem even my friends have been facing the same issue no matter what software update they have. During my excessive use i found that the light sensor in the P’9981 is so responsive and i never NEVER  had an issue with the screen it turns off in the right moment. I took one of my friends Bold 9900 and tested the light sensor in it and found the same result as my 9900 which is a bit of lag in the sensor unlike the Porsche Design which incredibly turns off and dims in the right second. I searched for a reason coz nothing was officially mentioned that the light sensor could differs from the originally 9900 but i could not find an answer except a rare study that mentions that aluminum could affect the light sensor in a small way and i remember that the iPhone also has an aluminum body, so whether or not that could have an effect still the question remains and my experience proves it.


I wont get much into the software coz im saving this for another post but one thing that anyone would notice is the original them that comes packed in the P’9981 which again adds to its futuristic design. It might seems strange for the first time but i just love the way it all blends in ahhmmm BLENDS in :p in the whole design.


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Apr 09 2012

Has APPLE became a Symbol ??

by Abdul-Aziz in Bla Bla Bla, Technology

Has Apple became a SYMBOL ??

People often look at products in terms of handling & functionality. I was pretty amazed when, on my first iPhone, I couldn’t directly connect with other Bluetooth devices or simply install a new media player for a change.You simply can’t do this stuff with Apple products.

But when people use examples like that as an example of why Apple ‘ain’t all that great’, what they miss is that Apple is not simply a tech company, but a cultural symbol. It isn’t necessarily about Apple’s marketing successes as much as it is that Apple, the media and the public have positioned Apple as a sign of the cultural importance and needs. in Arabic “HABBA”

Recently, technology has become the thing in our culture that is symbolic of how we’re moving into the future. And Apple has become the company many in our culture look for to determine the direction of that movement: what the trends will be ??, what technology will take over ?? etc. Everyone now knows about an Apple event & new launches.

Sure, there are many “competitors” but Apple seems to be the most famous because of a simple, overlooked fact: their products are really obvious. You don’t have to be a tech-nerd to understand that their touch screens are neat. You don’t have to be a geek to know that carrying around your music collection and scrolling through it quickly is useful. You don’t have to care about software to know that the way the App Store manages updates is really plain and clear. The benefits of Facetime & some of the other features are really neglectable ; no-one cares that you could do it on a Nokia phone years ago.

The point is that Apple’s grand comprehensive statement (“we think this is the future of everything!”) connect with people quite easily. And because their products impact culture and not just tech – in things like the mobile web, the iPod, or the iPad – Apple can say what they want because they are the ones setting the tone of the TREND.

SO … yes i think Apple does became a symbol.

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Mar 15 2012

iPhoto for the iPad

by Mohd in Tips


All you need to know about iPhoto for the iPad, alot may know how to use it already but some are not so just watch this video & you will master iPhoto like a pro :p
actually its a simple app but still really amaazing and deals with the essentials of editing especially on the go.

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