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Jun 24 2012

TERA A Must Try Game

by Mohd in Games

Another new game trying to make its way to your addiction, well its not actually new its been released a few months ago after being one of the most successful games in Korea & Japan. If you are not the typical type of MMO player or even if you are a hardcore WOW you just have to have a look at this game.

TERA tries to redefines all MMO combat style making it more interesting and closer to console  games while maintaining the the most important aspect of any good mmo, a unique user experience to each player. The visuals and graphics could be described as tremendously beautiful. Its an open fantasy world and unlike some cartoonish games out there TERA has a touch of reality to it.

So many aspects could be covered during this review but the most important one which makes TERA one of its kind is combat. It plays as a fighting game more than a boring mmo, you can not stand still and just press a button killing ur enemy you latterly have to dodge, stab, execute your special attack and know you enemy weakness. One wrong move and your dead as in all console fighting games you need to plan you attack and keep an eye on your enemy, whats really great about TERA that is can also be played using an Xbox controller to add some ease to new players or console gamers in general.

Unfortunately we can only play on Europe’s server and although i though it would be and not as fun as the American server but i glad to tell you that its full of players ( who speaks English so dont worry about language differences). Check out the video review below to get a good glimpse on TERA & click HERE for their official site.

P.S if you are interested on which character im playing, im a Castanic archer 🙂

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