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May 31 2012

فواز الحساوي Linked to Leeds United

by Abdul-Aziz in Football, News, Sport

Rumors are every where, Fawaz Al-Hasawi is linked to seal a deal to buy Leeds United specially after his resignation from Al-Qadsia club, this could be the needed move to bring Leeds United to the spot light again after seasons in the second league.

he didn’t confirm the deal yet & didn’t reveal the club name, all he said is: it’s a second league club with a great history & the name will be revealed within 2 weeks. Brayton, Watford or  Nottingham Forest all those names are guessed now to be the next Kuwaiti owner club.

Mr. Fawaz in his interview with “Mal3ab Alwatan” confirming the Deal

 كفو و زين ما سويت

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