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Feb 27 2013

Are YOU MAN enough ??

by Abdul-Aziz in Bla Bla Bla

byonce single ladies gif Are YOU MAN enough ??

Relax, set back & start thinking …

Actually, i didn’t want to talk about this for a start but noticing the raising number of “soft” or “delicate” men (or boys) around us made it hard for my nerves to not point this out. Reader, Have a quick tour on instagram, twitter, keek or even the malls and streets & you should understand what i’am talking about. I am not talking about those who are officially gay one’s, i am just referring to those boys who act like :

  • My extremely wide V-neck T-shirt is classy  & unique “un-hairy chest showing”!!! WTF
  • I speak french! DaCooh
  • Yesterday I almost had a heart attack, my favourite orange! color pants was not ironed “Where could you find an orange pants for a start??!! LA SENZA??” ROFL
  • I don’t do sport coz i don’t like sweaty me!
  • Men makeup “enough said”

& many many more …

Am I the only one seeing & hearing this round?

Could we call it some kind of a “Habba” to be a little soft among today’s Men?

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Dec 20 2011

Dont Buy Beats By Dr. Dre

by Mohd in Technology

Dont Buy Beats By Dr. Dre

IMG 1190 Dont Buy Beats By Dr. Dre

Im just sick of all the Dr.Beats headphones around, people r just buying them like crazy and walking around in malls showing them off while in reality those headphones r not as great as people may think, there r so many powerful headphones out there that people just ignore coz of the Beats im not against them but im totally against people who think that they r the best in the headphone’s market. I’ve used so many headphones including Beats so im gonna review one of the best headphones i own.

IMG 1189 Dont Buy Beats By Dr. Dre

IMG 1188 Dont Buy Beats By Dr. Dre

 Sennheiser is one of the leading manufacturers of audios they dont have alot of in ear headphones the Sennheiser MM50iP. Usually i get the headphones that includes a mic so i may use it with my phone while driving so im gonna list the main advantages of it. The MM50iP has an awesome light build quality, it might feel cheap but trust me its so durable so dont be afraid u r gonna break the wire, its light weight helps alot in staying in ur ear even when u r running or exercising in the gym. One side is longer than the other & at the beginning i didnt know whats use of it but from their site i found that one side should go around the back of ur neck so it sets more in ur ears. Considering the price between the Sennheiser & the Beats u the gap between then is HUGE 26 KD VS 50 KD so u pay much less for a wonderful sound quality. Beats r only heavy on the base so it doesnt deliver a good sound quality especially in low & mid range notes on the other hand the Sennheiser delivers a much better low & mid range sound notes so no matter what u listen to Rock, Jazz, Classics or even Pop u will get a blast out of these headphones.

IMG 1187 Dont Buy Beats By Dr. DreIm not gonna stop on the Sennheiser headphones soon im gonna review more high end headphones so that people could know what should they buy other than the over rated Dr. Dre.

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Jul 20 2011

Mr DoucheBag

by Mohd in Bla Bla Bla, Music

Mr DoucheBag

p 600x349 Mr DoucheBag

0511 0804 0616 3136 Muscled Guy with a Mom Tattoo clipart image Mr DoucheBagThis person is not a stranger to all of us, we all have seen those buffed up guys walking around malls & gyms with their skinny baby size T-shirts. To think of it most of them r actually on steroids to be buffed up like that. I wont deny that some of them worked all their lives to achieve this kind of body type but to be honest those guys wont be bragging all the time about their muscles and how handsome they r or even how many girls r chasing them because they fell in love so deeply with their unique and perfect physic.

So i found this perfect song to dedicate to all of those Romeos on steroids. Its says all on behalf of me icon smile Mr DoucheBag and they r every where not only here in Q8 & all have the same personality icon wink Mr DoucheBag



Too bad those dummies wont understand it but there is always google translate one click aways sticking out tongue smile animated2 Mr DoucheBag

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Jul 17 2011

Baby Changing Room of Dubai Mall

by MiMi in Health, Travel

Baby Changing Room of Dubai Mall

IMG 17841 601x448 Baby Changing Room of Dubai Mall

During my last visit to Dubai.. we had to enter the Baby changing room several times for my nephew, when I noticed the huge difference between those changing rooms and what we have here in Kuwait.. why don’t we have such neat, well equiped rooms with spacious area so the mom could be in a less tension when she had to enter those rooms with her kid.. Hope someday this issue gets attention.

IMG 1785 601x448 Baby Changing Room of Dubai Mall




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Jul 06 2011

Rohr Chocolate

by Abdul-Aziz in Food

Rohr Chocolate

IMG 1006 601x448 Rohr Chocolate

During last month i was frequently strolling around in Olymbia mall “which is not crowded YET”, and i maybe tried all the coffee shops there. NOT because i like hanging out in malls though, but only for the sake of air conditioned atmosphere that you can always enjoy in malls. So … ROHR Chocolate is this post title.

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