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May 02 2013

Nokia Making Fun Of Samsung & Apple’s War

by Mohd in Ads, Fun, Technology

Check out the latest commercial from Nokia trying to promote the Lumia 920 (Windows phone) while making fun of Samsung’s fan boys who most of them dont know that it runs Android :p  and Apple’s addicts.

We have seen this kind of approach last year when all of Samsung’s commercial were about the iPhone & few years back when Apple made their PC VS Mac commercial series, could this kind of approach work for Nokia & Windowsphone ???


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Jun 21 2012

Microsoft The Never Ending Embarrassment

by Mohd in News, Technology

402 Microsoft The Never Ending Embarrassment

Yesterday marked the preview of Windows 8 for mobile & of course the never ending war between Apple & Microsoft. Microsoft trying to take on Siri with their newest voice recognition software & no matter how hard i try to make myself believe that Windows could make a comeback the thought of errors and lags never left my mind. Check out the video and you will definitely know how Microsoft Siri embarrassed then by not responding to the first voice command






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Nov 08 2011

The Future of XBOX 360 KINECT

by Abdul-Aziz in Games, Technology

The Future of XBOX 360 KINECT

XBOX 360 KINECT 601x447 The Future of XBOX 360 KINECTSee the future possibilites of Kinect that go beyond expected, into truly amazing things that people around the world are beginning to imagine. 

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Nov 02 2011

Nokia & Microsoft Mobile Nightmare

by Mohd in Technology

Nokia & Microsoft Mobile Nightmare

20111102 025738 Nokia & Microsoft Mobile Nightmare

Nokia finally revealed their newest baby from Microsoft the Nokia Lumia. Running on Windows 7.5 Mango Microsoft’s newest mobile OS which doesnt bring anything new to the user’s experience just a new interface for the old buggy windows phones. Didn’t Microsoft lean from their previous failures !!!!!!

Do u think anyone would buy such a device ?????

I don’t think so even if I got it for free I won’t waste my time on it, 2 horrible products combined together Nokia & Microsoft a mobile nightmare.

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Oct 24 2011

GITEX 2011

by Q8 Blend Family in Events, Exhibitions, Technology

GITEX 2011

IMG 1404 601x448 GITEX 2011

2 weeks ago i flew with my buddy Aziz to Dubai to attend the GITX 2011, for me it a trip to wonderland with all the technology surrounding u, ginat company names that we use their products all gathered in one place to show us their muscles and prototypes to amaze us & compete against each others.

IMG 1409 601x448 GITEX 2011

So many companies and gadgets to review i actually could not think straight with the tech around me i was living in a dream i didnt wanna wake up from. Sorry for the lack of photos coz we had such an amazing time as for myself i could not think of anything other than trying to go to every booth and see their gadgets and tech solution so if u dont like the pics blame Aziz icon razz GITEX 2011

IMG 1430 601x448 GITEX 2011

Its basically impossible to cover all of GITX in one post but ill share with u some of the high lights and things most people will be interested in. Lets start with RIM ( BlackBerry manufacturers) the main high light in their booth is the PlayBook. Its my frist hands on the 7″ tablet by RIM and actually i was so surprised from the responsiveness of the screen unlike the Bold 9900 so responsive i felt im using an iPad. I wont deny i fell in love with it, first coz of its size, the best size to carry around unlike the iPad ( I hate carrying my iPad around especially when im in a shopping mall) other than the size i have mentioned the screen responsivness and ill say it again SOoOoOoOo RESPONSIVE even more than the Motorola Xoom & Galaxy Tab icon smile GITEX 2011

IMG 1411 601x448 GITEX 2011

I opened so many apps in the same time trying to see how many apps can it handle all opened in the same time and actually i failed to make it crash or lag even when multitasking no delay whats so ever. As for the browser its not like ur BlackBerry browser, fonts and pics loads up pretty quick and so refined compared to Safari on iOS devices almost the same  & also no flash support.

The BlackBerry PlayBook only comes in a wifi version & if u need to tether it u must own a BlackBerry so u may also use ur BBM on it

IMG 1434 601x448 GITEX 2011If u dont own a BlackBerry and wanted to get the PlayBook they had an offer u wont resist or dream of 16 GB PlayBook + BlackBerry Curve all for a small price of 1799 AED = 135 KD which i believe is an awesome price for such a Tablet.

By the way the same tablet will be getting a software update by RIM so u can also download and install Android Apps on it, the best of both worlds. I would have got one although i own an iPad 2 but 2 tablets in the same time i will feel guilty using one and not the other.

IMG 1418 601x448 GITEX 2011

CaseMate the famous Mobile covers manufacturers were displaying their newest Headphones. Their design and style rocks with great sound quality but i wont think of one unless its much cheaper than Boss, Sennheiser & Skull Candy headphone. I wont mention Beats by Dr Dre coz they r so over priced with a medium sound quality only a HABBAA.

IMG 1424 601x448 GITEX 2011

LooooooL Nokia trying so hard to compete but actually nothing worth seeing their.

IMG 1427 601x448 GITEX 2011

Now lets go to Microsoft, i was shocked to know that they didnt bring windows 7 with them to GITX only office updates and the Microsoft surface which is getting pretty old & not so responsive as u may think. Its microsoft if u dont experience a lag or an error then u r not using it correctly icon razz GITEX 2011 sorry windows but u r falling hard and i cant see u improving.

IMG 1438 601x448 GITEX 2011

IMG 1456 601x448 GITEX 2011

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Sep 16 2011

Windows 8

by Mohd in News, Technology

Windows 8

20110916 014156 Windows 8

Everyone is talking about the iphone 5 rumors & although im an apple addict but lets not forget our Microsoft lover’s readers. Microsoft released some keynotes on what they r working on their newest operating system & it includes more than a 300 new feature coming with their newest baby.

The past few years were the worst for Microsoft, falling against apple whether in the PC market or even the mobile market. I know that I won’t be thinking of buying Windows 8 but I would love to test it, I have lost my faith in windows years & years ago but can they surface up again, I don’t know. Here r some of the new features for Windows 8. Its a great list of what Microsoft is working on in Windows 8 but will it work probably that’s the Question:

Battery Life
Time/Battery/Date/Network status
Protection against app (…)/ malware scan
Apps are certified
Pre-boot reset
OEM Activation
Windows Adapts To Your Location
Hardening For Genuine
Powershell Support
Integrated Load Balancing

To check the full list click HERE.

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Jul 28 2011

Microsoft Most Creative Button

by Mohd in Stupidity, Technology

Microsoft Most Creative Button


Cartoon Man Laughing with His Finger in His Mouth Like a Gag 110310 142296 617042 Microsoft Most Creative Button


Microsoft updated its Hotmail security with a wonderful update, a new button that in my personal opinion will solve all of its problem

Simply when u have a friend that have been hacked and his email is sending u 10000000000 email just click the button that says (My Friend’s Been Hacked !)

Thats really so creative of them :-p Microsoft is loosing it i dont know how people r still using their products since 2011 started i havent heard or read about such a stupid tech news till Microsoft came up with their magic Hotmail button. Im categorizing this post into Stupidity






Hotmail 600x267 Microsoft Most Creative Button


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