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Jul 31 2013

Blackberry Z10 Porsche Design Edition

by Mohd in News, Technology


A couple of pictures have been leaked showing off a blackberry Porsche Design Z10, could this be the next blackberry Porsche design edition for the Z10 !!!!

Personally I think the rumor/leaked photos are true since the Blackberry P9981 sold like crazy ( as a luxurious mobile) and specially in the GCC. On a personal level I can’t wait for the official announcement and an Q10 Porsche design edition also.




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Sep 25 2012

iPhone 5 The Stupidity Factor

It’s simply never ends. Everyone is talking, posting, tweeting and wishing for the iphone 5. First thing I have to mention that I’m not an Anti-Apple & I’m only discussing so logics, although I’m totally disappointed with the iPhone 5 not because I’m an Android Fan boy but simple coz Apple didn’t do anything revolutionary with iphone 5 only simple and expected upgrades any other manufacturer could have done the same thing with their previous model. Apple’s philosophy is all about revolutionizing current products coz they are Apple & that’s why we buy their products.

Let’s talk simple facts either if you own an iphone 4 or 4S. Maps,  LTE connectivity, Siri can now tell you sports results and of course Facebook integration just a bunch of useless features. Don’t waste your money especially if you already own an iPhone 4S. As of screen real estate its nothing worth paying 300+ KD for it.


Of course 300+ KD is only in Kuwait which is basically a damn rip off. People plz think for a minute or even 5 minutes if you are slow thinkers you can order it or wait for your mobile provider to get it for a maximum of 240 KD (16GB) that’s the price you could end up paying if you order it from UK.

I’ve mentioned it over & over again and I’ll say it again coz stupidity is a common disease here in K-town DONT SPEND 300 KD ON IT so you can be the first guy/girl among your friends & family to carry it. its not worth it to buy an iphone or a Galaxy S3 if your only using it for Whatsapp, Twitter & instagram.


If you really enjoy using an iPhone and you at least upgrading from an iPhone 4 and your not paying the 300 KD then go for it otherwise don’t be like the guy above.

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Jul 31 2012

BlackBerry 10 Features To Look For

by Mohd in Technology

Blackberry 10 is one of the most anticipating upcoming mobile software for loyal BB users and tech addicts, and it might change the whole thing to RIM and bring it back to competition.

The videos below demonstrate some of the features on BB 10.

The below video features RIM’s answer to Siri although im not a big fan of Siri or voice command software in general coz  its pretty useless and unpractical but some of you will definitely would enjoy it. Check it out.

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Jul 03 2012

Which Android Phone Should You Buy ?

by Mohd in Technology, Tips

Many are taking the Android plunge and shifting from their beloved iPhone and of course the first thing that pops into most people’s mind are the Galaxy S3 which in my opinion a great Android mobile but its not the only one out there and that is the beauty of Android, variety there is no one great phone for everyone each Android has its pros and cons and its up to you to choose the one that suits you best.

Also i got so fed up with people thinking that the only good mobile out there is the Galaxy S3 & 90% of people claiming this dont even know what Android is or even iOS is, its a the ugly truth but we all know that 70% of people carrying iPhones for the past 3 years only use Whatsapp, Twitter, Facebook and SMS and the worst of all that they didnt even have an Apple account on their iPhone, they just went to a mobile store and paid 5 KD to some guy to setup their phone for them (OMG I hate this type of people). Just a basic yet simple rule anyone should go with, if you dont know how to use something dont buy it & if you did then pleaaaaaaassssssssssseeeeeeeee spend some time to learn how it works, its all a trend here in K-Town ( its a waste of time trying to educate people ).

Now back to my main Android guide, if you are looking for a great Android mobile and you dont wanna spend alot of money then your first choice should be Samsung Galaxy S2, yes S2 not S3 continue reading to know why before you pass judgment. The Galaxy S2 is a dual core Android with a Super AMOLED PLUS display which is almost the same as the S3, thin profile, awesome camera and a good battery life, although it comes with Ginger Bread Android software still it is up-gradable to Ice Cream Sandwich (ICS). Its the best Android mobile that wont burn a hole in your wallet for the price of 140 KD maybe less but last time i checked ( few weeks ago). Also a great dual core is the htc One S thats comes with Ice Cream Sandwich and a great build quality.


Some users are more into rooting  and playing around with their Android software and really wanna put their hands on the newest Android 4.1 or experience the stock ICS. If you are one of those then your best choice is Samasung Galaxy Nexus, it has a Pen-Tile display which in my opinion is a good display but of course not as great as the Galaxy S2, S3 or even the iPhone retina display. 5 Megapixle camera, dual core and a good battery life all for the price of 150 KD or maybe less. So basically the Nexus is designed for the geeks among us 😉

The Galaxy Note or as some may call it phablet ( phone + tablet), the weirdest idea of a mobile device ever & in a strange way people just fell in love with. The Note is a dual core  but as we all know has the biggest display on the market till now. If you like a big display to work with & enjoy using a stylus then you can never go wrong with the Note. Also some use the Note as a secondary device carrying it around as a tablet due to its size of course. Price wise its a great deal for a 100 KD in some stores but if you are not in a hurry i would wait a bit before buying the Note coz Samsung is gonna announce the Galaxy Note 2 in the upcoming weeks ( dont say i didnt warn you :p ).

Now for the ones who want to hold a beast in their hands the Quad core Android phone both phone are sold for the same price a 190 KD, The Samsung Galaxy S3 ( of course every one know s that ) and the htc One X. A big awesome display 4.7 for the htc & 4.8 for the Samsung S3, both beats are hosting a 1 GB of RAM, battery wise both are the same dont worry about the 1800mAh or 2100 mAh you will end up charging it twice a day if you are a heavy to medium user. The main selling point for the Galaxy S3 is the expandable memory slot (16 GB builtin memory + memory slot) and the ability to switch the battery. The htc One X main selling point are Beats audio equalizer which comes built in for music lovers and the NVIDIA Tegra 3 processor which is dedicated to better gaming performance. The 2 beasts have an 8 Megapixle camera and an awesome display although different display technology yet both deliver great visuals.



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Jun 21 2012

Microsoft The Never Ending Embarrassment

by Mohd in News, Technology

Yesterday marked the preview of Windows 8 for mobile & of course the never ending war between Apple & Microsoft. Microsoft trying to take on Siri with their newest voice recognition software & no matter how hard i try to make myself believe that Windows could make a comeback the thought of errors and lags never left my mind. Check out the video and you will definitely know how Microsoft Siri embarrassed then by not responding to the first voice command






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Apr 03 2012

htc One X Thoughts

by Mohd in News, Technology

Yesterday htc have released their newest family member the One X. I’m not gonna review it or anything this post is just some random thought on what to expect & what could happen in the mobile market.


First of all just to get this out of the way it’s not an iPhone killer but it will sure dominate the android mobile devices. htc is not an easily company to compete with although for the past 2 years they have been fiddling around after the fall of Windows mobile OS & the unstableness of the first Android generation still they held their position in the mobile race. just a simple example the htc Sensation was one of best Android devices in the market but people ran towards Samsung coz of the brand name while in fact when it comes to smart phones htc is a much bigger name but unfortunately alot of people don’t know that.

Any way back to the One X sets the bar way high for Android devices with a quad core QUAD CORE processor an 8 Mpixl camera plus a Dr.Beats sound capabilities, this device should have been called the Beast not One X. If your a music fan it serves you needs, if you are more into photography it’s will amaze you plus a gigantic processor to keep things smooth & interactive.

If you are looking for an Android device or thinking to upgrade you Android my advice, don’t ever miss this One X & don’t let the name fool you htc is a huge company & I believe it’s gonna be the best selling Android phone after a while & might even take a good market share out of Apple (not much but still a good percentage).


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Mar 22 2012


by Mohd in apps

Now you may find us on your precious Android device
Thanks to our fellow blogger MadeinQ8the developer of the first app in the Android market that gathers some of your favorite Arabic & English Blogs.

I did install it on my Android to review it for you but unfortunately I couldn’t get screen shots from my mobile in order to share with you but take my word for it. The app is responsive & fast she did an awesome job making it.

To download it click HERE

What are you waiting for click the link above 🙂

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