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Aug 22 2013

JOBS Movie Review

by Mohd in Events, Kuwait, Movies

Yesterday i got invited by Alzanki Enterprises & Cinescape to an exclusive screening for one of most anticipated movies in 2013. Ill keep this review simple but before I start I must mention that I was sitting near a popcorn  chewing machine. I have never heard anyone chew so loudly in the movie theater not to mention laughing for no apparent reason, so I would like to send my regards to the chewing machine and thank him for the annoying sound effects during the movie.

Now back to the movie, its basically an assembly line of cut scenes of some of the best moments in the life of Steve Jobs without any depth, and without significance. Most people will be lost, there is not much continuity, and you are left at the end wondering why you came to the movie. You didn’t learn anything new about Jobs or even followed his life path, you are not sure what the point was, and yet you spent two painful hours trying to get something out of this movie. The soundtrack used  in the movie seemed like a Country/Rock genre which in my opinion has nothing to do with the life nor the area Jobs lived in.

The movie ended so abruptly that you feel that the director ran out of film or exceeded the time limit he had. Personally I dont recommend anyone going to JOBS its a total disappointment to all the Apple fans, Movie lover, and even Apple haters.

Special thanks to Alzanki Enterprises,  Cinescape & The laughing chewing machine guy :p




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Feb 20 2013

Cinescape This Weekend

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Oct 15 2012

French Film Festival

by Mohd in Ads, Events, Movies

Movie lovers should mark their calendar for the French Film Festival starting on October 16th to the 18th. Ive never been an expert on french movies since i dont speak french but im gonna attend all of them since the movies they are showing won many awards.

The French Institute in Kuwait has the pleasure to invite you to “Les nuits du cinema français – French Cinema Nights”. The festival will be held from the 16th to the 18th of October 2012 at Cinescape 360 Mall.

The Festival will screen 3 award winning and critically acclaimed films from last year over a span of three days.

–  The Intouchables : “The most popular French film of the year”


–  The Artist : “The most awarded French film in history, including 5 Oscars and 1 Best actor award at the Cannes Film Festival


–  Declaration of War “France’s official 2011 Academy Award entry”

All the movies will be screened in French with English & Arabic Subtitles.





Tuesday October 16th


–          8.30 pm : The Intouchables


Wednesday October 17th


–          6.30 pm : The Artist

–          8.30 pm : Declaration of War


Thursday October 18th


–          6.30 pm : Declaration of War

–          8.30 pm : The Artist


This event is organized in partnership with Cinescape (Kuwait National Cinema Company).


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Oct 27 2011

Recommended Movies This Weekend

by Mohd in Movies

Recommended Movies This Weekend

20111026-045539 PM.jpg

I could only recommend 2 movies for u this week end, first one is a must see movie especially if u r a sci-fi addict like me. Real Steel which ill try to attend coz of all the great reviews i have heard and read about.

The second movie is my back up plan incase i couldnt go to Real Steel, In Time is a thriller Sci-fi story which i believe would be entertaining but not great that of course they dont censor many scenes from it.

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